Banter (New York, NY)

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Good Morning!  Don’t worry.. I won’t “Banter”  you this morning, get it?  (I’ll work on better jokes later)  When you’re traveling, you want something quick, healthy, and something not time-consuming.  Banter is exactly that.  A restaurant that’s located off of Sulivan St. in New York and opens at 8 a.m on the weekends.  If you’re a morning person like I am, then it’s challenging to find good spots in New York that are open extremely early.  (Although 8 a.m. isn’t really early)  This restaurant is a cozy cafe with a patio that features elevated, health-conscious fare, plus espresso & select cocktails.



I mentioned how you wanted something quick and on the go so I’m going to make this review in comparison to the restaurant.  This place is small and looks like it only seats up to 40 people at one time, so the earlier you get there the better.  During my travel I was able to order two dishes.  I wanted a “healthy” dish, something that wouldn’t fill me up, and I also wanted something sweet.  The two dishes I went for were the Golden Folded Eggs and the Nutella French Toast.  I’ll start with the Golden Folden Eggs.  This dish consisted of Lightly Folded Eggs, peas, smoked salmon, greens, smashed avocado, and chili.  I enjoyed this dish because it was something different for me.  I’ve never had a dish that offered peas and kale greens for breakfast so I decided to give it a shot.  The overall dish was cold, but the eggs were warm of course.  The eggs I thought would’ve been scrambled lightly instead of being folded like a small omelette, but that’s just my preference.  The vegetables were all fresh, but the peas were a little bland.  Maybe that’s how they were supposed to taste since this was a health conscious meal.  I didn’t taste a lot of salt, and the overall dish lacked basic seasonings.


The second dish was the Nutella French Toast.  It was surrounded by bananas, nut crumbles, and berries.  It was also stuffed with Nutella and finished with Vermont maple syrup.  This dish is a hard pass for me.  The bread was hard and the ingredients were a little over the top.  There was no flavor on this dish, no cinnamon or sugar that I tasted, and the nuts over-powered the dish.  It wasn’t carefully constructed and the dish looked as though it was rushed.  This specific dish is going to be memorable to me.  Not in a good way either.


Overall, this place is a pass.  I didn’t enjoy both dishes completely and the French Toast was disgusting.  I’m sorry to use such harsh words, but a spade is a spade.


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