JAXON BYOB (Philadelphia, PA)

Yes, brings your finest of fine Ciroc bottle.  Peach flavor of course.  (Even though I don’t drink, but I’ve heard good things)  Or, bring your favorite bottle of wine!  (Red, sweet, if you’re interested in sending me a bottle!)  And enjoy an amazing meal at Jaxon!  Have you […]

CAFE LA MAUDE (Philadelphia, PA)

Remember when I did my review on a couple of Philadelphia restaurants last year and I told you the only thing good that comes from Philly is Cheese steak, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, and rappers?  Well, apparently French Toast is pretty damn good there too.  I wanted to […]

Tail Up Goat (Washington, D.C.)

Michelin Star.  Opulence. Stupefying.  All of the words that characterized Tail Up Goat when others referenced the restaurant.  My words? Who? What? Where? When? Why?  Ahh.. Yes, the five W’s.  The Who?  Who gave this restaurant a Michelin Star?  What? What did you eat that was stupefying?  Where?  […]