Cafe Saint Ex (Washington, D.C.)

It’s currently snowing, and it’s the first day of spring.  Weird, right?  Not as much as putting tostitos chips on top of grits.  Too soon?  I guess I should get right into this restaurant review then.  No, wait!  That’s not how this works.  I have to talk with […]

Bad Saint (Washington, D.C.)

Brrrr. No, this isn’t a Gucci Mane reference, although I still play Trap House on Sunday’s before I head to worship.  (haha just kidding, I play In My Kitchen).  The Brrr was for me standing outside this restaurant, waiting for the doors to open which opened 4 minutes […]

Fork & Wrench (Baltimore, MD)

I’m hard-headed.  I’m sure you’ve heard that expression.  If you haven’t, either your grandma didn’t help raise you, or you’re a goodie two-shoe.  Let’s hope you’re not the latter. So many people have been telling me that Baltimore is an up and coming area that has great food […]