me.jpgHello Friends!

I’m Dontae, a Black Food Critic, that strives to open your eyes to different restaurants that you may pass everyday.  I hope you come to my site with an empty stomach and an open mind.  This site will give you some insight on where to eat if you happen to be in a state and need some suggestions based off of where I’ve eaten.  There isn’t one thing that I won’t eat or foods that I won’t try.  I plan to travel to all 50 states in the US to see the world and what restaurants have to offer.  All of my ideas on where to eat are based off of quality, food, and buzz.  Why Me?  I won’t lie to you.   I’m just a person that loves to eat and figured it would be cool to travel this world of ours to enjoy and see how different foods are prepared.  If a restaurant isn’t good or had an “off night” then I’ll let you know.

I’m a Black man (as you can see from the pictures) that enjoys eating and helping people make the best decision so you will feel as though your money won’t go to waste.  The goal is to help everyday people realize there is more to life then your neighborhood restaurants and will give you insight on how to find cheap flights or the perfect restaurant based off of things you should look for.  I like to have fun, and most of my reviews will be based off of the experience more than anything.  I post a lot of pictures but if you want to see more just ask.  I’m always looking for ideas on places to eat or different foods to try, so if you have an idea, please leave a comment under one of my posts.  Thank You for your support and visiting my site. If you wish to advertise on my page or use one of my articles, please contact me by using one of the methods below. You can also follow me on Instagram : Savorytravels and Like my facebook page : @savorytrav ” SavoryTravels- Food And Travel Blog “.

Contact Information :

Email : savortrav@gmail.com

Instagram : Savorytravels

Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/SAVORYTRAV/



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