Washington D.C. (Lupo Verde)

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Lupo verde- Paccheri alla Carbonara
Paccheri Seafood Pasta
Lupo Verde- Scialiatielli al nero
Squid Ink Prawns
lupo verde- scialiatielli al nero 2
Squid Ink Prawns
lupo verde- red wine
lupo verde- interior
Lupo Verde- Interior
lupo verde- interior 2
Lupo Verde- Interior
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW : There are maybe ten to fifteen restaurants that I want to try in the District of Columbia area.  All ranging from french restaurants to Indian cuisine restaurants.  Most of the restaurants that I have in mind are budget friendly so that definitely helps with the amount of places I can go to.  This time the place I chose to dine was Lupo Verde.  What about this restaurant intrigued me the most?  It’s a small restaurant with a plethora of delicious sounding options, not commercialized, and they make fresh pasta!  It’s hard to find restaurants that are on everyone’s radar, such as your traditional steakhouse or pasta places.  The menu consisted from dishes such as octopus to duck breast.  This Italian restaurant was actually recognized by the Washingtonian as one of the very best in the Washington D.C. area.  I don’t really judge a restaurant by how many awards it won or if it won any, I just mentioned it was recognized because it’s a fact.  The more details about the place the better to make a decision in going, right?  Food. Yes. The real reason why you’re here! Let’s start with wine this time shall we?  We don’t talk enough about wines because I usually don’t order them, but this restaurant is known for its different options of wine.  I want to eventually expand this blog to not only food but to different wines as well.  I don’t know enough about wines to speak intelligently about it, so bare with me when I do write about it.  If you don’t know a lot about wines we will learn together.  The wine that was suggested was an Emilia Medici Ermete Lambrusco.  It’s a red wine that’s served chilled with a hint of acidity.  I’m not the biggest wine drinker but I really enjoyed that wine.  I usually drink sweet wines and it’s very challenging to find a sweet red wine so when it was served I was pleasantly surprised!  Now, back to the actual food. The Paccheri alla Carbonara di Mare was the first dish that was ordered.  It consisted of Paccheri, wait.. What’s pacherri? Paccheri are a kind of pasta in the shape of very large tubes, originating from Campania and Calabria. They have a smooth look, and can be served stuffed or not.  Fresh seafood, saffron, thyme and egg were also apart of the dish.  This dish was everything to brag about to your friends and family.  The sauce was a cream based with a little kick to it. The garnishment of the orange slice was beautifully presented at the table with scallions.  Some of the seafood that was in the dish consisted of octopus, mussels, and shrimp.  They make the pasta al dente so the pasta can finish cooking with the seafood they mix in the pasta.  I would recommend this dish to anyone as it was a favorite of mine.  The other dish that was ordered was Scialiatielli al Nero which consisted of squid ink pasta, prawns, and ‘nduja salami.  Don’t let the salami scare you as the salami didn’t over power the dish, so it didn’t taste like it came from a pig, if that makes sense.  The chef was also very generous with the amount of shrimp that came with this dish as well.  I love squid ink pasta and always stated that it taste like a whole wheat pasta.  The menu is set in a way that if you order a pasta dish you’d want to order either an appetizer or a “secondi” dish, which is considered a main dish.  The pasta dishes aren’t too filling but if you’re watching your food intake, I would suggest a pasta dish.  Overall, this restaurant was a 4.6 out of 5.  The waitress was amazing, the food, and the ambiance was something to remember.  You should try it and let me know what you think!

                                   RATING- BUSINESS CLASS

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