Food Derby (FontLeroys & Buchertown Grocery)




  • TRAVEL REVIEW:  I’m headed to Colonel Sanders city, or is it now the Muhammed Ali city?  I’ll leave that for you to debate, because either way I didn’t eat fried chicken or punch anyone in the face.  My answer to that question is the featured picture though 🙂  Haha.. I couldn’t resist.  Louisville, Kentucky is a nice city but not somewhere I could live permanently.  I decided to drive from Indianapolis to Kentucky because it was only a two hour drive.  Two Hours! You can’t beat that.  (Please note, their will be some Ali references throughout this review, got to pay homage right?).Now.. Let’s “knock out” this review. Ok, I quit. Well, maybe.  Of course I decided to get food first, but after, I decided to go straight to the Ali museum.  The museum is huge and very well informative. My favorite part of the museum is the escalator.  There is writing on the walls and you wonder exactly what it is.  If you’ve taken any secondary language classes, assuming you’re primary language isn’t english, then you can make out one of the words.  At the top of the escalator there’s the word “welcome” in english which then makes a light bulb go off in your head to say the word “welcome” was used in every language.  The Ali Museum referenced alot about his beliefs, his matches, and his giving ways.  I’m sorry, I forgot to mention for those who don’t know who Muhammed Ali is, he’s a famous boxer who believed in his faith and challenging himself.  One of my favorite quotes of his was “It’s the lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believe in myself”.  I took alot of pictures of the museum but I’ll only show you a few as you have to actually go to the museum to get the full experience.  A lot of people have shown their respects for Ali, and even though you may not believe in what he believed in you had to respect his views.  Other than the Ali museum I decided to go see a movie.  Suicide Squad was my choice of “movie kill time before dinner”.  The movie was surprisingly really good!  If you haven’t seen it, go see it and let me know what you think!
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW : (Breakfast):  The restaurant I chose to go to was FontLeroy’s in Kentucky.  Why did I choose this restaurant?  Fried Green Tomatoes! I absolutely love fried green tomatoes with bacon and eggs, it’s the best breakfast!  Have you ever had them?  Wait.. Spoiler alert, I didn’t order them.  Why am I bringing them up?  Because the restaurant had a dish where they had fried green tomatoes topped with lump crab meat but to my surprise it was only offered during dinner.  I was pretty bummed that I couldn’t get what I wanted but that’s how life works right?  The restaurant was known for its biscuits so I decided to opt for the chicken and waffles smothered in gravy with over easy eggs and shrimp and grits.  I ordered the shrimp and grits because I wanted to give it another try from the not so good experience in Indianapolis.  The restaurant isn’t a “commercialized” restaurant as its menu is on its Facebook page.  The Chicken and Biscuits were smothered with their housemade gravy and topped with over easy eggs.  Has your mouth watered yet?  Shame on your taste buds.  The biscuits were nice and flaky and the chicken was perfectly fried.  This dish I would recommend to everyone going to this place as you will not be disappointed.  The next dish was the shrimp and grits which included charred corn, a poached egg, and smoked pork belly.  This shrimp grits was much better than the one that I had in Indianapolis. I would’ve thought that the charred corn would’ve overpowered the grits but it was a perfect enhancer.  This would be another dish I would recommend for you to order, especially if you like poached eggs.  Restaurant rating?  4 out of 5.  Why?  Service was slow.

(Dinner):  Am I the only one that gets hungry after seeing a movie?  I don’t know what it is or why, but I do. Hey, don’t judge!  I decided to visit this restaurant called Buchertown Grocery, NO, it’s not an actually grocery but I wonder where they got the name from.  This restaurant on the outside looked like a single family home, so I didn’t know what to expect.  Never judge a book by its cover, right?  The interior was pretty nice.  This wasn’t a spacious restaurant but I would say this is a “date night” restaurant.  One of the main reasons I decided to come to this restaurant because it offered escargot.  For those who don’t know what escargot is, in English it means snails.  I’ve gone to plenty of restaurants that offered escargot but I never ordered it.  Today, I finally found the courage to “challenge” myself to “conquer” this meal.  (Ali references….) I ordered the basil-fed escargot for starters which came covered in an herb butter and topped with gruyere cheese.  What did I think of it?  Not bad at all! It had the texture of a stuffed mushroom and would be something I would order again.  A friend told me that they put it in a bunch of herb butter to “enhance” the flavor, aka “hide what it really taste like”.  The main dish or dishes for the evening was the New Orleans BBQ Shrimp and the Steak Frites served with black truffle bearnaise sauce.  The barbecue shrimp was a little spicy but packed alot of flavor.  The steak was cooked well and they offered a generous portion to be topped with the black truffle bernaise sauce.  There was another item on this item called “cauliflower steak” which I thought a piece of steak was covered in cauliflower.  I asked the waiter what it was and he told me it’s an actual huge piece of cauliflower.  If I see that on the menu somewhere else, I’m going to order it.  I would say if you were a vegetarian to order the dish.  I have full confidence that all of the items offered on the menu are worth trying as I was very pleased with the items I ordered.  I try to eat steak once a month, so I probably won’t order another one until sometime in September which is fine with me.  Overall this restaurant I’d give it a 5.  This maybe my first 5 out 5 rating but they earned it.  To top it off, they provide you with a “post card” at the end of your meal for you to write a note to someone, requesting that they join you the next time that you come to the restaurant, which they mail off to the person for you.  I thought that was pretty cool and memorable.


FontLeroys- Business Class

Buchertown Grocery- First Class Experience

  • Where to Next?  Dinner Reservations: In a couple weeks, we have to catch a flight up north.  I’ll see if we can find some restaurants in between then to eat at.

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  1. Thank you for providing a summary of your experiences in Kentucky and Indianapolis. Your review of the restaurants and food selections were great! I think I will add them to my list of cities/restaurants to try.


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