S.K.Y. Restaurant (Chicago, IL)

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I believe Chicago has one of the best food scenes in the United States.  It is definitely top five on my list and that’s because there’s such a huge variety of cuisines to choose from.  Everyone usually associates Chicago with Deep Dish Pizza.  I rarely, if ever, seek it out because I want more than just bread and sauce.  Sometimes I have challenges finding a restaurant that offers things on the menu that isn’t offered anywhere else, but that’s the joy in choosing the perfect place to eat.

S.K.Y, a restaurant led by Chef Gillanders, focuses on Contemporary American cuisine.  I decided to dine at this establishment because they had a dish that sounded intriguing to me.  I was torn between dining here for lunch or dinner, but I opted for brunch because what I wanted was offered during that time as well.  With high ceilings, the interior of this restaurant has a lounge feeling to it, and also can be described as having a simplicity look.


I came here to devour one specific item and that was the Lobster Ravioli.  Of course, there were other dishes that consisted of a Mushroom Salad, BLT Bao, Organic Fried Chicken, and Coconut Pancakes.  The Lobster Ravioli was the star of this show.  Four generous pieces of Maine Lobster Dumplings surrounded by jade butter and soft herbs.  Creamy, flavorful, and most importantly absolutely no filler within these dumplings.  The use of lobster that burst into your mouth with each bite is mesmerizing.  I loved how the sauce was fermented and that you could taste and smell the herbs within the overall dish.  Absolutely spectacular.

Lobster Ravioli

The next dishes that were ordered were the Mushroom Salad and BLT.  The Mushroom Salad consisted of Warm Maiitake Mushrooms, Goat Cheese, and finished off with a Lemon Vinaigrette.  The presentation of this dish wasn’t the best but of course it’s all about the flavoring.  Fresh Avocado, Red Chili Peppers, and fresh herbs were added to the dish as well.  The Goat Cheese was pungent and creamy, but worked well with the earthy flavor of the mushrooms and avocado.  The red chili peppers added an extra heat component to the dish, which was surprisingly good.  I could’ve done without the Chili because it seemed as though it was an afterthought to add more color which I didn’t necessarily agree with.  The BLT (Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato) was sandwiched between a beautiful toasted bao bun that was topped with chipotle mayo.  Each bite was soft, yet crunchy due to the bacon, and sweet because of the tomatoes.  It was refreshing to see an American restaurant nail a Bao Bun because traditionally it’s not used in American restaurants.


The Organic Fried Chicken and the Coconut Pancakes rounded out the dishes for brunch.  The Coconut Pancakes was fluffy, sweet, and a bit tart because of the coconut.  I thought the overall dish was a bit too pungent and sweet for me.  Coconut syrup to go with coconut shavings made me feel as though I was eating dessert more than an entree.  Thankfully, the Organic Fried Chicken helped me forget about the not so good experience I had with the previous dish.  The Fried Chicken was perfectly seasoned and sat on top of a habanero butter with creamed corn.  The creamed corny was spicy and the habanero butter was herbal.  The Fried Chicken tasted like it had the most perfect Lawry’s seasoning before being kissed by the perfect peanut oil.  I thoroughly enjoyed this dish because there isn’t too many times you can get a great Fried Chicken without going to a Black-Owned establishment.

Fried Chicken
Coconut Pancakes

Overall, if you’re in the area I’d recommend going here.  Different flavors, unique dishes, and things that you’re accustomed to eating.  If you do decide to go here for dinner, let me know your thoughts.


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