Rating Scale
1. DePlane
2. May I Speak To The Captain
3. Stuck On The RunWay
4. Business Class
5. First Class Experience

Why The Rating Scale? I’ve created a rating scale of 1-5, with 5 being the highest, using airline references to give an overall impression of a dish and/or restaurant. These scores are meant to account for service, ambiance, taste, presentation, and of course the overall food. The ratings will be as low as “May I speak To The Captain” to as high as “First Class Experience”. I will typically rate restaurants that are more on the “fancy” side slightly different from your “everyday” restaurants. Why? Well, if I spend $50 for an appetizer then it has to make me feel as though I didn’t overpay for the item(s). Example, if a restaurant specializes in “steak” then I’d like that steak to melt in my mouth. I understand restaurants have “off nights” where the food isn’t as good as it should be the time that you go in, but if I spend my hard earned money on food then I expect it to be amazing every single time.  Rating Scale will be shown at the bottom of each review.

Rating Scale:
1– “Deplane”. I will absolutely never eat there again unless the manager/owner apologizes for its mistake. I’m sure there aren’t many restaurants that I will rate this low, but if I do, then I’m simply informing you to use your best judgement when going to this restaurant or ordering certain items. I will usually reach out to the restaurant to inform them about my displeasure. If there are food or safety concerns then I will contact a health agency, but let’s hope that never EVER happens.

2– “May I Speak To The Captain? I use the Captain reference to coorelate the term with the restaurant Manager and/or Chef. Both of those titles are used in high standards and when a challenge arrives you would usually ask to speak to either or if the waitress/waiter or stewardess can’t fix your problem. The food and/or service was unsatisfactory and although the meal might’ve been put together to pass the naked eye as a “meal” I will not let the dish or service be excused. If this rating is given it is most likely because the food lacked the basic seasonings, presentation was off, the dish was cold when it’s supposed to be hot, bugs flying around, and a messy eating area. I will also alert management regarding my displeasure of food and I never let my emotion take over my experience. I understand that those who wait on you are people, but I believe that a certain level of respect should be given to each individual entering your restaurant.

3– “Stuck On The RunWay”. Just like any plane that you’re on the worst thing you could hear before taking off because you have places to be is that you’re waiting for six other planes to take off. This doesn’t deter you from going back to that specific airline it just doesn’t give you anything nice or not nice to say about the flight. It just gives you a blah feeling. This rating will be based on the dish and service which is generally good but something is holding it back from being great. It could be the vegetables were too salty, not enough food was given, the entrée came out before the appetizer, or it wasn’t as clean as it should be. This rating is not a fail or a pass, it just simply mean I won’t boast or brag about it to friends and family. When someone asks about this place I’ll just simply say “it’s alright” and if I’m asked would I go back, I’d simply say “I’m not in a rush to”. Also, if I believe the prices for the food and/or service was overpriced that would be incorporated into the rating as well.

4– “Business Class”- A Class generally great, but a shade under First Class depending on who you ask. Everything stands out about this restaurant and you leave saying “This restaurant was amazing”, I will definitely come back. Generally if a restaurant is given this rating is because it was of good value. Value is big to me and sometimes rare. The consistency was good, the plating was great, the flavors, and the uniqueness of the restaurant will help sway my decision. This rating may be handed out fairly often because that’s just what it is. As I’ve stated before, there are no emotions when grading a restaurant only my opinions and facts. I will most likely tell friends and family about this restaurant because I had such an awesome experience and I will most likely go back as well.

5– “First Class”- This rating of course is the highest of the highest regard. In first class, you are treated as such. Things are clean, you are comforted, and you are being attended to in the highest of highest manner. I will use that same approach to this rating. The food was exceptional, the waiter(ess) was engaging, the presentation is as beautiful as a Michelangelo painting, and I can’t wait to brag and boast to my friends about why they should go to this restaurant. I will almost become an advocate of this restaurant as if I worked for them.  No words can describe how tasteful, stupefying, and marvelous this restaurant and/or service is.