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Blackbird (Chicago, IL)

Chicago is known for good food and its beautiful scenery.  According to the Michelin Guide it has 24 starred restaurants and over 200 Michelin recognized restaurants.  You have a better chance finding a good restaurant at one of the recommendations that the guide provides.  But, does that mean it’s a restaurant you should necessarily go

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Le Rivage (New York, NY)

You ever been to a restaurant that Italian Mobsters dine at?  Well, I think I witnessed my first Italian Mob restaurant in NYC.  I’m totally f***ing kidding, but if you would’ve seen the waiters and the kind of people that were in this restaurant my movie scene would play out perfectly.  Actually, let’s run with

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Mintwood Place (Washington, D.C.)

I’m going to start off this restaurant review by saying this is absolutely without any question one of the best restaurants I’ve been to in Washington, D.C.  I usually give some type of “funny intro” or “brief synopsis” as to why I chose this restaurant.  Today, I’m going to spare you those thoughts and speak

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