KenWood Restaurant (Minneapolis, MN)

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Minneapolis doesn’t have the most attractive restaurants (IMO) so when I found one I was excited to try it.  In my ventures to discover good restaurants it led me to The Kenwood Restaurant about 10 miles outside of Mall of America.  The restaurant is a nice quaint spot that offers a pretty straight forward menu for breakfast.  I enjoy restaurants like that because it leaves less room for guessing and it shows that they try to stick with main ingredients to perfect it.  I had the pleasure of going on a Friday morning while people were working so I was able to get seated quickly.

kenwood- 8kenwood- 5

I had two dishes which consisted of the Huevos rancheros with braised pork, potatoes, fried egg and harissa and “Loaded” grits – pork belly, swiss chard, poached egg, K-mama sauce.  I’ll start off with the Huevos Rancheros.  I’ve always wanted to try this dish because of the many flavors and spices that are included with this dish.  The braised pork wasn’t the highlight of this dish which I thought it would be, but it was the Harissa sauce.  This sauce was amazing.  It was spicy but the potatoes and the avacado added the perfect accompaniment  to bring the whole dish together.  It was beautifully presented and was definitely something that you can order by itself and not leave the restaurant hungry.

kenwood- 3kenwood- 2kenwood- 1

The second dish was the Loaded Grits.  I’m not big on swiss chard, so I opted to have it not included in my dish and I believe it not being included in my dish made the dish that more appealing.  The pork belly was smoky and wasn’t as fatty as I expected it to be.  The poached egg worked well with the grits that were creamy and mixed with cheese. I was satisfied with both of the dishes but I’m not too sure if there was anything else to say.  If you decide to go let me know what you think.


kenwood- 6kenwood- 4



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