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Chloe (Washington, D.C.)

When’s the last time you tried a new restaurant?  How often do you search for new places to dine?  One of the things that excites me in my life, is being able to search for the perfect restaurant and anticipate how the experience will be when I get […]

Hazel (Washington, D.C)

No, I’m not talking about the color of your eyes, although people with Hazel eyes are the most beautiful in the world, and that’s not up for debate.  I’m talking about the artisan restaurant that’s located off of V Street in D.C.  Washington, D.C. has so many restaurants, […]

Bad Saint (Washington, D.C.)

Brrrr. No, this isn’t a Gucci Mane reference, although I still play Trap House on Sunday’s before I head to worship.  (haha just kidding, I play In My Kitchen).  The Brrr was for me standing outside this restaurant, waiting for the doors to open which opened 4 minutes […]