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Fancy Radish (Washington, D.C.)

Who’s the most annoying food group there is?  Yes, you guessed it right!  Vegans. (Sorry Vegans, it’s true)  Vegans are worse than someone greeting you with, “You gained weight” or “You’ve been eaten good, haven’t you?” Well, Yes, yes I have brokie, not get away from me.  Vegans aren’t all that bad though.  You learn

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The Smith (Washington, D.C.)

In my quest to find different kinds of items I could eat for brunch in the D.C. area, I’m beginning to think I’m running out of options.  Chicken and Waffles, Benedicts (Which will NEVER go out of style), Shrimp and Grits, and Pancakes are beginning to look and taste the same no matter where I

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Brothers and Sisters (Washington, D.C.)

Well… What if you don’t have any siblings?  Can you still come to this restaurant alone?  Do you need to adopt someone before dining here?  These are the asinine questions I ask myself, because I’m bored and my mind wanders  a lot.  When it’s not wandering, I’m probably thinking about food.  But, who isn’t?  By

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