The Greenhouse (Washington, D.C.)


Good Morning beautiful people!  Finding brunch spots in D.C. can be slightly tricky.  You want somewhere that shows originality, but you also want to go somewhere that offers items that’s not on menu’s within a 30 mile radius of each other.  I guess you can throw in a cost-effective restaurant in the mix, but let’s be honest…. Every restaurant in D.C. is over-priced.  I wanted to incorporate more brunch spots on my site so people have an idea of where to go that’s not set up buffet style.  The area is about 80% buffet and 20% a la carte.


The Greenhouse is located inside of the Jefferson Hotel in Washington, D.C.  If you’re worried about dressing up, don’t be.  Come as you are.  (I mean, I’d hope you wouldn’t wear sweatpants to a restaurant of this caliber)  I mention dressing up because you may see a lot of people there in suits or dress up clothes.  It’s perfectly fine to throw on a t-shirt and some jeans for brunch.  The interior of this restaurant is stunning.  It has the look of a big sun-room with flowers and modernized tables.


During my visit to this restaurant I was able to order two dishes.  The Belgian Waffles and Lobster Eggs Benedict were my two choices of the day.  I’ll start with the Belgian Waffles.  They consisted of Fresh Seasonal Berries, Whipped Cream, and Vermont Maple Syrup.  I can say that I’ve had better tasting waffles.  This waffle was also over-priced, not that it matters, but for the amount you spend you want to taste something over the top.  You’re basically just paying for the berries and not the overall dish.  The dish was smothered in berries and the waffle didn’t “wow” me.  It tasted like an infant was in the kitchen and made a perfectly cooked waffle on their play stove. I expected the waffle to have some vanilla extract or some kind of flavoring in it.  Just because you top a waffle with berries and whipped cream doesn’t mean you should go away from the actual taste of the waffle.


The next dish that was ordered were the Lobster Eggs Benedict.  It consisted of Soft Poached Eggs, Main Lobster, Spinach, Asparagus Tips, and (not pictured) Breakfast Potatoes.  This dish, too, was over-priced.  The Poached Eggs were slightly over-cooked and the Lobster was a bit chewy.  I’m not sure if chef’s understand the importance of a perfectly-cooked poached egg.  If they did, they’d understand that a normal person would see the yolk explode on their plate with a simple slice.  I was disappointed in this dish because I expected much more.  The overall dish wasn’t bad, don’t get me wrong, but for the amount of money you pay you have to be meticulous with these things.  If you’re going to charge me “X” amount of money, make sure I feel as though it was worth it.


Overall, this restaurant is a pass.  If you’re around the area and want to eat an over-priced brunch, than this is the place for you.  Otherwise, I’d go with something else.


2 comments on “The Greenhouse (Washington, D.C.)”

  1. Wow. I’m disappointed FOR you! The dishes were plated beautifully and, as you mentioned the restaurant was stunning. Eggs benedict are actually my favorite breakfast/brunch meal, so I feel you on the whole “yolk thing”. So, in your opinion who has the best eggs benedict in the area?


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