CAFE LA MAUDE (Philadelphia, PA)

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Remember when I did my review on a couple of Philadelphia restaurants last year and I told you the only thing good that comes from Philly is Cheese steak, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, and rappers?  Well, apparently French Toast is pretty damn good there too.  I wanted to try out this restaurant because they had a hummus with Lebanese Sausage for breakfast and I thought to myself, that sounds fucking amazing.  It’s not everyday that I get the combination of the two so I definitely had to see what all the hype was about.


The restaurant is small and sits in a residential area.  If no one ever told you about this restaurant, then I doubt you’d find while driving around.  But, then again, I’m not from Philadelphia so who knows what Philadelphian’s know.  The interior and exterior of this restaurant gives off a “french” feel.  Well, maybe because it’s a “French-Lebanese cafe serving breakfast, lunch & pastries in Euro-style digs with sidewalk tables.”

Let’s get to the real reason why you’re here, the food!  Two dishes were ordered,  The N-Liberties and Berrylicious Pain Perdu.  Let’s start off with the N-Liberties.  It consisted of Hummus topped with jalapeño, spicy sujuk (Lebanese sausage), avocado, tomatoes & caramelized onions and fried eggs.  But, because I’m addicted to runny eggs, I decided to get mine sunny side up.  It also came with a side of house fries, but I substituted those for fried cauliflower and a fruit & petite salad.  This was my first time having a Lebanese sausage but it reminded me of Lamb.  Very similar taste and texture.  I’ve never had Hummus for breakfast and I think that hummus and runny eggs are the perfect combination.  The tomatoes and caramelized onions added a sweetness to the dish that also worked well with the Lebanese Sausage.  The Fried Cauliflower was the highlight of the dish.  This was the best cauliflower I’ve had in my life.  I’m not sure if a little sugar was added but it tasted sweet, and that was different to me.  This dish is an absolute must get.


The next dish that was ordered was the French Toast with a shit load of berries, sugar, and apples.  Oh, yeah, there was a drizzle of passion fruit sauce on it.  Wait, I didn’t mention that it came with crème brûlée bananas and the Brioche toast was stuffed with Mascarpone Cheese.  If you have a taste for “healthy sugar” than this is the perfect dish for you.  The French Toast was packed with a bunch of different flavors that all worked together.  I’m always on the french with Bread that cost more than $12, because this dish was $20, but it was kind of worth it.  I say kind of because the more that I think about paying $20 for french toast, the more I figure I got cheated, but it was worth it.


Overall, this restaurant is a go to if you’re in the Philadelphia area.  The flavors and the creativity are amazing.  If you decide to go, let me know what you think!


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