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CAFE LA MAUDE (Philadelphia, PA)

Remember when I did my review on a couple of Philadelphia restaurants last year and I told you the only thing good that comes from Philly is Cheese steak, Will Smith, Kevin Hart, and rappers?  Well, apparently French Toast is pretty damn good there too.  I wanted to try out this restaurant because they had

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Le Diplomate (Washington, D.C.)

If you live in D.C. or traveled here on a weekend, you’ll know that you’re a “nobody” if you don’t brunch on weekends.  Being as though I’m already a loser, I wanted to feel special and make sure that I didn’t become irrelevant, so I made sure to search for a restaurant on Sunday between

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AU CHEVAL (Chicago, IL)

Did you miss me?  Wait, don’t answer that question, my feelings are easily hurt.  Just tell me you missed me and my food posts, and I’ll love you forever.  I promise.  Well… kind of sort of.  Anyways, I’ve been extremely busy with work lately.  Being a superhero comes with a lot of responsibility, so hopefully

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