Le Diplomate (Washington, D.C.)


If you live in D.C. or traveled here on a weekend, you’ll know that you’re a “nobody” if you don’t brunch on weekends.  Being as though I’m already a loser, I wanted to feel special and make sure that I didn’t become irrelevant, so I made sure to search for a restaurant on Sunday between the hours of 11 a.m.-2 p.m. “Official brunch hours”.  I chose this restaurant because it’s regarded as one of the best french restaurants in the area so I figured I’d go try it out.  The french have a different way of putting flavors together on simple American dishes and I love that.


Before I proceed, I’d like to inform you that the most French thing I ordered from this restaurant is the French Toast. Haaaaaaa…. But, the French Toast was the best I’ve ever had in my life.  No, seriously.  The interior of this restaurant is set up like a fancy french restaurant.  High Ceilings, Bright Lighting, and White Uniforms that waiters and waitresses wear.  Everything was so clean in this restaurant, and that was note-worthy.


I was able to devour two dishes from this restaurant.  The French Toast and the Poached Eggsbasquaise.  Let’s start with the French Toast first.  As I previously stated, this was the best French Toast I’ve had in my life.  I’m going to say this again.  This was the best French Toast I’ve ever had.  But, what was so special about it?  The French Toast was topped with rose-strawberries, Chantilly Cream, and key lime.  What brought this dish all together was the key lime whipped cream.  You ever have key lime whipped cream?  It’s life changing.  The sweetness of the whip cream along with the rose-strawberries and the cinnamon taste of the french toast will send your taste buds on a journey they’ve never been on.  The bread was crispy on the outside (but not in a burnt way) and was the softest in the inside.  I think I’m shedding a tear right now, thinking about how good this dish was.


The next dish that was ordered was the Poached Eggsbasquaise.  It consisted of prosciutto, creamy polenta, and poached eggs.  I never had creamy polenta for a breakfast dish, but I can honestly say it’s better than grits.  And, I absolutely LOVE grits.  No sugar in grits though.  Only butter, salt, and pepper.  If you put sugar in your grits, you might as well make Cream of Wheat.  The polenta was so creamy, moist, and flavorful, and the prosciutto added the extra saltines the overall dish needed.  This was one of those dishes that would’ve been ordered regardless of if it was recommended or not.  We all know the reason why, if you don’t know the reason why then we have to talk about why you haven’t been following me.  Turkey sausage was ordered as well, because I had a taste for it.  There wasn’t much to describe with the Turkey Sausage besides the fact that it was good.  Turkey sausage isn’t one of those things you can describe, it’s just good or bad.  Nothing more or less.


Overall, this restaurant is a must go to.  Oh, yeah, before I forget.  If you don’t have reservations or get to this restaurant before it opens than good luck with not waiting less than an hour or two.  I literally drove to this restaurant before it opened and got there at 8:30 a.m.  There were NO people in front of the restaurant.  It took me 5 minutes to find on street parking so I decided to sit in my car until 10 minutes before the place opened.  When I got to the front, I was number 25 in line.



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