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Siren (Washington, D.C.)

One of the most interesting things about choosing a restaurant is what time you should go.  There are plenty of restaurants out there that offer a great brunch and dinner menu, but how do you choose which time to go?  Is it the price that you choose or the type of menu that’s offered?  This

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Bad Saint (Washington, D.C.)

Brrrr. No, this isn’t a Gucci Mane reference, although I still play Trap House on Sunday’s before I head to worship.  (haha just kidding, I play In My Kitchen).  The Brrr was for me standing outside this restaurant, waiting for the doors to open which opened 4 minutes later than it was expected to.  If

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The Breakfast Klub (Houston, TX)

As a “foodie” I pride myself in trying to find the most unique restaurants.  Often times I find myself asking help from other people who are fellow foodies to get an idea of what I should try.  During my visit to the beautiful city of Houston, I asked at least seven people where I should

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