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Union District Oyster Bar and Lounge (Washington, D.C.)

“Yes! Another Black-Owned restaurant opening in D.C. again”, is what should be said in an area where a large number of Blacks live.  Instead, I’m left wondering why I can count the amount of Black-Owned restaurants on my hands and toes.  Washington, D.C., which was once dubbed as “Chocolate City”, has now become more of

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Pearl Dive Oyster Bar (Washington, D.C.)

I’m still continuing my streak of not being a loser and dining Sundays between the hours of 11 a.m. and 2 p.m.  Being a DC Brunch Drama Queen is tough work.  It’s starting to become challenging because the restaurants that I’ve been to in the D.C. are becoming less and less appealing.  The food is

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Del Friscos Double Eagle Steakhouse (Washington, D.C.)

You know why I’m here!  Let’s not be surprised.  I’m here for a well-seasoned, juicy, medium prepared steak.  Who goes to a steakhouse to NOT order things they’re know for?  Those people are weird, losers, geeks, and/or morons!  There are unspoken rules when dining at places that specialize in a specific dish or dishes.  You

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