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The Greenhouse (Washington, D.C.)

Good Morning beautiful people!  Finding brunch spots in D.C. can be slightly tricky.  You want somewhere that shows originality, but you also want to go somewhere that offers items that’s not on menu’s within a 30 mile radius of each other.  I guess you can throw in a cost-effective restaurant in the mix, but let’s

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Brothers and Sisters (Washington, D.C.)

Well… What if you don’t have any siblings?  Can you still come to this restaurant alone?  Do you need to adopt someone before dining here?  These are the asinine questions I ask myself, because I’m bored and my mind wanders  a lot.  When it’s not wandering, I’m probably thinking about food.  But, who isn’t?  By

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Bresca (Washington, D.C.)

There are so many restaurants in Washington, D.C. that I want to try that I can close my eyes and pick one and be satisfied with the results.  On this occasion, I wanted to go to a specific restaurant to eat one specific thing.  Pheasant.  Have you ever heard of Pheasant?  Well, to give you

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