Hide (London, United Kingdom)


I’ve noticed that in the social media era, people go to restaurants for the aesthetics.  See a nice restaurant or a nice staircase or a hallway and strike a pose.  Do they even eat?  I don’t care what others do that don’t effect my family or I, but I’m not going to act like I don’t notice things going on.  I always say;  “Do what makes you happy, just be aware of things going on around you.”


Hide, a One Michelin Star restaurant, offers quality dishes and astonishing views.  It sits across from Green Park and has a stair case that’ll leave you in a daze.  I decided to dine at this restaurant for brunch because I already had a reservations elsewhere for dinner.  I’m glad I had the opportunity to eat here for brunch though.

Stairs To Heaven

During my visit I was able to indulge in several dishes.  They ranged from Charcoal Baked Flatbread to Beef Short Rib.  I’ll start off with the smaller dishes the provide you before your main meal comes out.  Olives, Radishes, Charcoal Baked Flatbread, and Oysters were some of the dishes that started  me off.  Green Olives aren’t my favorite, but after eating these I may have to reassess that.  They were plump, juicy, and very fragrant.  They were infused with rosemary and garlic so that helped with flavoring tremendously.  The next dish was the Charcoal Baked Flatbread and Radishes.  The flatbread had a crispy exterior and a soft interior which was topped with ripe tomatoes, pesto, and black olives.  This dish would fit any vegetarian dreams because of how fresh the ingredients tasted.  The pesto wasn’t over powering and the black olives complimented the sweetness of the tomatoes well.   The Oysters were raw so it wasn’t too much to describe here.  They were meaty and tasted like the sea.  The liquor from the oyster was refreshing as well, and no other toppings were needed to complete this dish.



The main dishes that were ordered were the Foie Gras Parfait Waffle, Fresh Linguine with Cornish Crab, and Beef Short Rib.  The Foie Gras Parfait Waffle was something that I’d never imagine I’d taste.  It consisted of a Warm Buckwheat Waffle, Apricot, and Chutney.  The Foie Gras parfait was rich, buttery, and delicate with a hint of tangy.  The wheat flavoring of the Waffle to go with the saccharine flavoring of the Apricot worked well with each other.  It got better and smoother with each taste.

Foie Gras Parfait / Buckwheat Waffle

The next dish was the Cornish Crab.  It consisted of Fresh Linguine, Crab, Garlic, and Parsley.  There were no thrills to this dish.  It was simple, astoundingly, and aesthetically pleasing pasta.  The Crab meat was flaked beautifully within the Linguine and the Tomatoes were blistered perfectly throughout the pasta.  The garlic wasn’t over whelming and the pasta was al-dente.  If you have the opportunity to order pasta, then this is well worth it.


The last dish of the evening was the Barbecue 50 day-aged Beef Short Rib.  It consisted of a crispy potato cake, onion rings, smoked tomato, and landcress.  The Short Rib was flavorsome, meaty, and mouth-watering.  A generous portion was given to go with the Potato Cake and Onion Rings.  The Steak was also topped with Grilled Scallions which gave it a more succulent taste to go with the dryness of the potato.  The dish was also accompanied with a hollandaise sauce which was creamy in flavor.  I was pleased with this dish because it hit every component in which it should.

Beef Short Rib

Overall, this restaurant is a go to.  This has one of the most beautiful interiors I’ve been in and the food actually matches.  Sometimes the restaurant looks nice but the food is mediocre.  If I ever have the opportunity to dine here again, I’ll see what dinner is like.


4 comments on “Hide (London, United Kingdom)”

  1. This place is beautiful! More importantly the pasta and the olives look amazing! I’ve added it to my list. Thanks for the detailed review!


  2. Three things:
    1.) I’m pleased to see you blogging again. Your reviews are always so thorough and enjoyable to read.
    2.) You’ve got me wanting to up my International food game. I always get caught up in seeing what I can see when I visit somewhere new that I don’t take advantage of the food scene. Gotta do better.
    3.) I would 100% take a picture on this staircase but I would 100% eat and take great pics of the food too. 😉

    P.S. That pasta looks incredible!


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