Krazy, Deleware (Krazy Kat’s)


Crab Bisque


Wild Boar Chop


Wild Boar Chop




Crab Cakes


Lamb Brie Tart


Lamb Brie Tart


Seafood Salad on Pita


Krazy Kats Exterior


Krazy Kats Exterior


Krazy Kats Interior


Krazy Kats Interior


RESTAURANT REVIEW : Before I get into this review, I wanted to ask if you all enjoyed your weekend?  I genuinely care about if your weekend consisted of food, fun, and laughter?  If it didn’t, we should work on that together.  I know we all have bills, but if you can fit it into the budget there’s nothing like going out to eat and having someone wait on you.  I drove to Delaware and the area that I stay in would make it no less than a two hour drive so I figured I’d go venture out there.  What’s funny to me is before I seen a Delaware sign, I saw a “Welcome to Pennsylvania” sign which made me wonder if I was traveling the right way.  No worries, I was.  The restaurant that I chose was Krazy Kat’s.  Yes, two K’s, no C’s, hence the name Krazy?   This place was… Interesting… To say the least.  The decor was interesting, the menu choices, and the people, just.. Interesting.  The outside of the restaurant looks like a haunted house, the interior had pictures of dogs and cats in frames like they were former presidents, and the hostess was “zoned out”.  When you go into a restaurant and the hostess see’s you wearing a jacket, they should offer to check it for you, well, this “zoned out” hostess suggested that the coat closet was by the door, insuating that I could hang it up myself.  No, absolutely not.  You WILL take my jacket and you will go hang it up because that is the PROPER thing to do when you greet someone at the restaurant they are spending their hard earned money at.  (But, in a nice tone of course) I digress, let’s discuss this restaurant shall we?

(Dinner):  As I stated the restaurant menu was pretty interesting.  Ranging from different items such as Foie Gras, Lamb Salad, and Wild Boar Chop.  The menu was very extensive along with some great prices.  This isn’t the restaurant that will put you in debt and that’s always a good thing.  The first course consisted of crab bisque topped with jumbo lump crab and lemon creme fraiche.  This is just a fancy way of saying crab bisque.  The crab bisque wasn’t too good, but it wasn’t too bad.  There’s nothing I could really say about this dish except for the portion size was good.  The taste was bland, but the presentation was good, and I appreciate presentation.  I honestly believe presentation makes things better even if you didn’t want to like it.  The second course was a cast iron seared scallop which was amazing!  It was topped with a pear coulis, pomegranate kernels, cinnamon root chips, and granulated honey.  This dish comes in either a full or half portion.  I opted for the half portion which consisted of two scallops because I wanted to try some other things on the menu as well.  The third course were crab cakes but just like the cream of crab, there was no excitement with this dish.  The crab cakes were fried, possibly fried for too long, but I believe it would’ve tasted better broiled.  I’m not the chef but it’s merely a suggestion.

The fourth course was a Cider Glazed Wild Boar Chop.  What is boar?  I know what boar is, and I’m sure you do too, but boar isn’t something we hear or think about everyday.  I googled what boar was and it’s a huge ugly black pig.  This thing is ugly, in fact, it’s so ugly that if someone were to tell you that anything around you resembled boar, it would be grounds to start fighting that person, lol, just kidding.  No fighting!  Well, unless the food was that bad, then you should have some words with the chef.  Fortunately for me, the boar chop was pretty good.  It taste like a lighter version of a pork chop, and the sides helped mask the flavor as well.   The sides that came with the chop were the spaghetti squash, Swiss chard, and jalapeno apple chutney.  The spaghetti squash was amazing.  It was buttery, had the consistency of angel hair pasta, and very filling.  I was very pleased by this side, but the other dishes not so much.  When you go out to eat, you end up taking chances, whether the food was good or unappetizing you can still give an honest answer as to why you didn’t enjoy the food.  Overall, I’d give this restaurant a 2 out of 5.  The hostess was zoned out, the food was bland, and the interior was… “interesting”.  I’d pass on this restaurant, but if you must go, let me know how your experience was.



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  1. Krazy Kat’s is my favorite greater Philadelphia area restaurant (although it “belongs” more to Wilmington, Del.). It is just far enough from Philadelphia that we only get to it once or twice a year. That also keeps me from using it up. Might be a crazy concept, but that’s how I think about it. I love the interior, I love the slightly quieter-than-average ambience, and I have always loved the food. Your “Captain” rating surprised me, but it’s good to point out shortcomings. Sometimes the staff at a “good” restaurant develop an attitude because their paychecks come from a “good” restaurant (or store or hotel or whatever the case may be). Sounds like that is what your experience with the hostess turned up. That is dumb of them, since a good place is the very last place that needs any attitude! There is talk that the kitchen personnel may have changed in the last year, don’t know if there is truth to it, and even if there is, I wouldn’t know whether that came before or after your visit. I was last there a year ago June. My experience is still that this is a great place for a date night, and also great for a family getting together where they do not see each other every day and want to be able to talk and relax and be served consistent, very good food. I love the comfort level of Krazy Kat’s.


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