Washington D.C. (Woodward Table)

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Shrimp Cocktail
Shrimp Cocktail
Fried Chicken, Fried Apples, Creamed Kale
Fried Chicken, Fried Apples, Creamed Kale
Kitchen Spotting


RESTAURANT REVIEW : Have you ever driven through Washington D.C. at night?  It’s calm, cool, and relaxing.  You see different people, some who have just gotten off of work, others who maybe going to happy hour, or some who actually are going to work.  I love how the city is busy and there’s ALWAYS something to do, but the biggest challenge sometimes is having enough money to do it.  I may have been the only one this night searching for food, well I’m sure there were others but because this is my blog I have to be in denial that other people are doing the exact same thing that I’m doing, it’s healthy. HA. I wanted to try this particular restaurant out, Woodward Table, as it had some good reviews and a pretty decent menu.  What’s the worst that can happen at a restaurant that you haven’t done much research on?

(DINNER): Before I discuss the food, can we talk about how elegant this restaurant looks?  The restaurant is surrounded by glass and is huge in the inside.  Depending on where you sit you can be close to the kitchen where you can get a glimpse on what dishes they’re preparing and how hard they’re working.  I wish they worked hard enough to include some seasoning on my chicken.  Fried Chicken has been around from generations to generations.  What’s the one thing that can make fried chicken no bueno?  Lack of Seasoning.  The dish that was ordered was the fried chicken, fried apples, and creamed kale.  The fried chicken was so disappointing that I wanted to ask the waiter for Lawry’s seasoned salt.  The chicken although was fried to perfection, it just lacked the basic ingredients of salt and pepper.  Wait until I tell Gordon Ramsay about this one, I’m sure he’d be disappointed. I did start off with an appetizer which was the shrimp cocktail which they give you a generous portion of.  They provided sauces of remoulaude and cocktail, but I had to ask for more remoulaude because I needed to dip my under-seasoned chicken in something to help enhance the taste.

Although the fried chicken was a disappointment the creamed kale was worth ordering as a side dish if it didn’t already come with the entree.  It was my first time having creamed kale but I didn’t think it would taste too differently than creamed spinach, which it didn’t, but it was so good that if I went back there again, I would get two sides of it.  Another dish that was ordered was the salmon with white beans, house-made chorizo, lobster broth, and artichoke. The salmon was cooked medium but it was full of flavor.  This was a dish that could be ordered by itself as it’s a nice size portion. The beans didn’t over power the dish as you can see the salmon was the main event of this dish.  Sometimes beans, rice, or other starches overpower the meats of a dish but this was a perfect accompaniment. I would order the salmon again before I decide to try the chicken again.  There were other things on the menu such as duck, shrimp and grits, and pork shank.  They all come with respective vegetables and starches with each dish so maybe I’ll try something else besides what I had.  I believe the restaurant is also known for its chops such as steak, veal, and pork chops.  Maybe I’ll try the veal chop next time, who knows.  Overall, I’d give this restaurant a 3.5 out of 5.  The Fried Chicken was such a disappointment.

                             RATING- STUCK ON THE RUNWAY

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