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You know what I don’t like?  When scrambled eggs aren’t cooked properly.  All of these years I was bamboozled into thinking that scrambled eggs needed to be cooked “hard”.  Hard scrambled eggs are a definition of dryness, taste as though the eggs came from the carton, and flavorless.  I was raised on those type of eggs, and no disrespect to people who cooked me eggs before, sometimes we don’t know any better.  I say all of that to say that the eggs that came from this restaurant were cooked by God.  (And I use that term loosely because I don’t speak on religion)  If you’ve never had “soft” scrambled eggs before, then you’re missing out.  I was so excited about how good these eggs were that I forgot to give you details on the actual restaurant.  Buvette is a French inspired bistro that offers small plates at breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  The restaurant is located in West Village a couple blocks away from 14th street Metro Station.  The restaurant is in between row houses and it looks as though it can be a neighborhood favorite.


I was able to get to this restaurant before it got too crowded.  I’m a morning person so I was there at 8 a.m. excited to order everything on the menu.  Unfortunately, my budget and stomach prohibits me from doing so.  I chose this restaurant because one of the items they use on most of their selections is creme fraiche.  Creme Fraiche is a lighter version of a sour cream that’s used mostly in french restaurants to bring a creaminess to a dish that’s prepared.  I’ve never had creme fraiche but always wanted to try it so I had the perfect opportunity to do so.


I was able to order two dishes from this restaurant which were Godly! (Another religion reference, ha)  First, I’ll start with the Saumon Fume’.  It consisted of Soft Scrambled Eggs, toast, smoked Salmon with creme fraiche and capers.  Remember how I explained how eggs should be properly cooked?  Well, (as a tear slowly falls from my eye) these eggs were scrambled soft, almost as if they weren’t cooked all the way, seasoned properly and topped with Creme Fraiche to bring the consistency out of the whole dish.  The smoked salmon was very fresh and tasted well, but the eggs were the highlight of the dish.  I usually have capers with Smoked Salmon, Onions, and a Bagel, but I’ve never had capers as big as these.  The capers were as big as olives and had the perfect saltiness to go with the creaminess of the entire dish.  This dish can be put in so many words but until you order this dish, your life will ALWAYS be missing something.


The next dish that was ordered was the Belgian Waffle.  This was the “play it safe dish”.  The waffle was light, fluffy, and delicate and the berries were fresh.  The Belgian Waffle dish also included Creme Fraiche as well.  It’s the little wins in life that matters.  I also ordered a side of bacon.  The bacon is prepared in the oven, so it’s “soft”.  Exactly how bacon should be, not the rock bacon you eat from IHOP.  (By the way, any restaurant you go to and the food taste the exact same, no matter which location you go to, it sucks).


Overall, I was thoroughly pleased with this restaurant and would suggest everyone try it.  The menu isn’t huge so your options will be limited.  The restaurant isn’t the biggest so get there early.  Once you take your first bite, your taste buds will be sent to heaven.  (Another religious analogy, haha)


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  1. My mouth is watering now after reading this review. You totally have me wanting to plan a trip to New York soon just so I can experience this meal. I must admit I’ve never had soft scrambled eggs so I’m curious to see the divinity for myself.


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