Tuckaway Tavern (Raymond, NH)

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I wonder if I’ll see tumble weeds.  Should I leave bread crumbs for people to come find me if I get lost?  What the hell is in Raymond, New Hampshire and why the hell am I here?  Those were the thoughts that were going through my mind as I drove from state to state during my mini-road trip.  What I didn’t expect was being in the middle of nowhere dining in a mini-farmers market.  I love dining in restaurants like this because I don’t know what to expect.  This is a “curve-ball” restaurant.


Before I go any further, just want to let you know, my restaurant suggestion was hit OUT THE FUCKING PARK!  My Man/Woman.. When I tell you that this was the best piece of FUCKING steak that I’ve ever had in my life, I could cry.  Sorry, where are my manners?  I could FUCKING cry.  I came to this restaurant with the intention of having a salad, but I didn’t realize that the World’s Best Steak would come out of it.  I haven’t even told you all about the interior of this restaurant before I started boasting about how well my steak was prepared.  The interior is nothing to brag about.  It has the same appearance of a Longhorn Steakhouse.  But, it has a full fledged butchery shop inside.


During my visit I was able to feast on two dishes.  A lobster roll and a Cobb Salad with Steak Tips were ordered.  I’m not going to start the review off with mentioning the salad because you all may stop reading after I describe how moist and incredible this piece of steak was.  Fuck it.  Let’s start with the review of the Farmers Cobb Salad.  It consisted of Iceberg Lettuce, Chopped Tomato, Cucumber, Chopped Egg, Bacon, Cheddar Cheese, and New Hampshire’s Best Steak Tips.  No, the steak tips were literally described as “NH Best Steak Tips”.  Who brags on their food and actually lives up to the hype?  Apparently, this restaurant because I’m still trying to figure out who was in the kitchen grilling my steak.  It was seasoned well, cooked at a perfect medium temperature, and presented on a salad that can feed the whole city of Raymond.  The dressing that came with the salad tasted like Creme Fraiche mixed with Ranch.  This also may have been the most interesting dressing I’ve tasted but it only enhanced the overall salad.  The lettuce was fresh, the tomatoes and cucumbers were sweet and refreshing, and the bacon added the perfect saltiness to the dish.  Whoever cooked this dish, THANK YOU.


The next dish that was ordered was the Lobster Roll with Sweet Potato Fries.  I couldn’t come to the New England area without ordering a Lobster Roll.  Is there any difference in taste with the Lobster in the New England area versus the rest of the United States?  Absolutely!  It taste fresh, like it came straight out the water, and a healthy portion size was provided.  The sweet potato fries weren’t my favorite as they were a little cold and dry.  I was so stupefied by the taste of the salad that I totally neglected caring about the other dish that I ordered.  There was nothing to brag about with the Lobster Roll.  It wasn’t the best, it wasn’t bad, just a regular roll.


Overall, this restaurant is a, “If you don’t go to it if you’re in New Hampshire, I will track you down and fight you”.  This restaurant isn’t fancy, it’s literally built like a trucker’s stop.


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