No Beer For Breakfast Cafe (Blue Moon, Cafe)

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Restaurant Review : Good Morning! Did you wake up hungry like I did?  Of course you did, and even if you didn’t we’re still going to get something to eat.  What do you have a taste for?  Cereal or french toast?  Why not have both?  What in a perfect world we had captain crunch cereal on top of french toast?  Well, let’s imagine we’re in a perfect world where we can wake up and have what we want.  Baltimore is known for crabs, but if you look closely there are a few hidden gems in the city best known for the greatest t.v. show in the world, “The Wire”. (Nope, not up for debates either).  The restaurant on the outside looks like a corner store, and if you’ve seen the wire or have been to a “town” not a city you’ll understand that reference.  I also include pictures for visualizations to, to save you the time from googling.  The inside of the restaurant is extra small so if you don’t get there before 9 a.m on a weekend you can probably wait atleast 1 to 2 hours to be seated.  I can count the amount of tables in this restaurant on one hand, and maybe one foot, but you get the idea.

Food! Yes, food.  Let’s get back to the reason you’re on this blog, just in case you hate hearing me talk about other things.  I would hope not though, because that would make me very sad.  Remember how we discussed not knowing or wishing we could have cereal and french toast well this restaurant offers a mixture of both!  One of their biggest hits is the “Cap’n Crunch French Toast”.  It’s topped with berries and bananas and of course Cap’n Crunch Cereal.  The french toast was so soft, full of flavors, and sweet, so if you have a huge sweet tooth I would recommend you ordering this.  No syrup was required for this french toast as the fruit was a perfect topping and the french toast wasn’t over cooked. The dish is big enough for you to eat by itself, but me?  I like bacon and eggs to go with everything I’m eating in the morning if the choices are hot.  I ordered a western omelette topped with crab meat and a side of hollandaise sauce.

The omelette was huge and I couldn’t even finish it all.  That says alot because if you know me I never leave food on the plate, unless it’s yucky, but this time everything was fantastic and there were no other excuses why food was left on the plate.  This isn’t your typical “make a reservation, fancy breakfast date” restaurant, this is your “let’s go eat and hurry up” type of restaurant.  There are plenty of other things on the menu that I would order as well, like the pancakes that are topped with fruit and whip cream or the benedicts as well which they have plenty of choices to choose from.  What I love most about this place is that they give you SOOOOO much food.  Wait, did I tell you it wouldn’t break your pockets either?  That’s always a plus!  If you live in the MD area or the drive to this place is within an hour drive, I would recommend you take the drive.  You will not be disappointed.  I’ll see you soon, we have more food to find!  Enjoy your day.

                        RATING- STUCK ON THE RUNWAY

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