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Butternut Squash Soup
Shrimp Beignet
Interior 2

RESTAURANT REVIEW : The good thing about living in the DMV area (DMV= D.C. Maryland and Virginia, anything that touches the outerloop of the beltway within 30 minutes you’re considered living in the DMV) is that you get to be in three different states at one time.  Not literal either, for all of the literals out there.  Today, I decided to go down the beltway and try a french restaurant in Alexandria, Virginia called Bastille.  I didn’t look for too many restaurants in Virginia but what attracted me to this restaurant was it was worth a thousand points on opentable.  I have dreams on hitting ten thousand points.  (It’ll take some time, but I’ll get there).  Thank Goodness that this restaurant didn’t disappoint and even if it did I still gained alot of points.  The interior of this restaurant is absolutely beautiful.  Although it’s small, I would say that it’s perfect for a date night and to try a new variety of foods.  You will not be disappointed by this review.

I enjoy going to french restaurants because they put a “unique” spin on different foods. For example at this restaurant I had shrimp beignets, which were regular beignets but stuffed with shrimp.  The beignets were good but not the best as I believe it was fried a little bit more than it should have been.  It was served along side of some spicy guacamole and lime which were both amazing.  I would honestly go back just for the guacamole to put on top of my chicken bowl at chipotle.  Here is where my disappointment comes in at.  The waitress was ready to take my order and the first two things I said I wanted she informed me they didn’t have today.  You would think if they didn’t have an item they would open up and say “We don’t have this item, sorry about the inconvience” instead of waiting on me to say what I wanted just to tell me you don’t have it.  I guess it doesn’t really matter because it still doesn’t take away the fact that they didn’t have it.  Those two items I wanted to order was Foie gras and Oysters.  I have had oysters before but never Foie Gras.  I guess I will have to try Foie Gras another time as it’s been on my radar of things to try.

The special of the day they were offering was a butternut squash soup with a hint of cream and nuts.  The squash was perfect and the hint of cream that it was topped with made me think about licking the bowl.  But, I’m not a dog, nor is that proper table manners, both of those two statements were about to be thrown out the door but then I remembered I had the escargots to devour as well.  The first time I had escargots was in Kentucky, and I loved them.  They were presented in a garlic butter but this time they were presented in a garlic and basil pesto.  I enjoy sometimes ordering something “un-ordinary” like snails and it being prepared different ways.  The snails had the consistency of a stuffed mushroom or a meatball.  I would order the escargot again but not before my Foie Gras is given to me.

For the entree course the Paella Aux Saint-Jacques was ordered which consisted of sea scallops, shrimp, and mussels with slow baked paella rice, chorizo, peppers, and eggplants.  The only thing I absolutely regret about ordering this dish is that I should’ve ordered another one.  This dish was absolutely amazing. The shrimp were cooked to perfection, and the scallops were topped with a butter sauce. The rice wasn’t hard or too soft it was cooked perfectly.  This dish I would recommend everyone to get, even if you decide to get something else, get the Paella as well.  The mussels were ordered along with frits (fries) which they give you alot of along with Canard Aux Peches, which was Duck Breast, peaches, green beans, duck potatoes, and squash.  The duck was ordered medium although the chef likes to prepare it medium rare, I am not a fan of really pink foods but medium is acceptable in my eyes.  The duck was a close second favorite to the paella that was ordered.  It was seasoned perfectly and it was an entree size.  You don’t necessarily need to order sides with these entrees because they come with some kind of vegetable and or starch.  Overall, this is a restaurant that I’d give a 4.5 out of 5.  The reason being is because of the items that weren’t offered and the fact that more food should’ve been given but I suppose for the prices it seemed fair.  Please go, tell me what you think!

                                   RATING- BUSINESS CLASS

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