Chloe (Washington, D.C.)

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When’s the last time you tried a new restaurant?  How often do you search for new places to dine?  One of the things that excites me in my life, is being able to search for the perfect restaurant and anticipate how the experience will be when I get there.  I always tell people that even if you like Salmon, it’s okay for you to eat Salmon at a restaurant you’ve never been to, just make sure you order something you’ve never had before as well.  At what age do you stop saying “eww” when it comes to food?  You sound like a child.  It’s food.  It’s cooked.  (Hopefully)  And it may even help change your diet.  Sometimes getting people to try new restaurants is the equivalent of asking them to change their toothbrush.  (Look at you, wondering… Now you have to go to Target and get another Soft bristle because yours are spreading like a gymnastics star)


Chloe, a restaurant located close to Navy Yard in D.C., is the restaurant that I chose to dine at for the evening.  I chose this restaurant because the Chef has an influence in Lebanese cooking, and that’s something I don’t traditionally venture to.  I decided to give this restaurant a shot and was elated that I did.  The restaurant has a beautiful interior and looks as though it can seat up to 80 -100 people at one time.  I went on a week day so it was relatively quiet when I dined there.  The interior is absolutely beautiful, with high ceilings, and a chance for you to sit at the “kitchen counter” so you can see where the magic happens.


During my visit I was able to order five dishes.  That seems to be the magic number for me.  Five.  Maybe I should play that in the lottery this week?  Five is a good amount of dishes that can help you judge your overall opinion about the food being served to you.  Broiled Oysters, Scallops, Roasted Cod, Beef Hummus, and Roasted Chicken were my items of the night.  I’ll start off with the Broiled Oysters.  The Oysters consisted of a horseradish glaze, rutabaga kraut, and brown bread crumbs.  What was most interesting about this dish was the kick that the horseradish glaze gave with each bite.  If you had to compare it to something simple, I would say a spicy pepperoni with melted mozzarella cheese.  The kraut also added a hint of a bitter flavor, but the overall oyster was flavorful and consistent.  I know some people are afraid of trying oysters, and if you’ve never had them and want to overlook them being raw, I’d try them broiled first.  You can still taste the oyster, but it’s usually over-powered by the toppings that go into the shell.


The second dish that was ordered was the Spiced Beef Hummus.  It consisted of pickled radish, harissa, buttered almonds, and snow-shoe naan.  This dish was good, but not great.  I understand how they were trying to make this dish into something bigger than it is, but it’s nothing but Hamburger meat, that’s been seasoned really well, on top of hummus.  The pickled radish, however, added a salty flavor to the dish that went well with the tart flavor of the hummus.  Hummus is a Lebanese dish, so I figured I’d give this dish a try to see if there was anything special from what I usually tasted.  The answer?  No.  The dish wasn’t bad, by any means, it just didn’t stand out for what it’s worth.


The third dish I ordered was the Roasted Cod.  A beautiful piece of white flaky fish that consisted of papadam, coconut, fenugreek, curry leaf, and ginger greens.  This was one of my favorite dishes of the night because of the sauce and the ginger greens.  The sauce was a semi-spicy coconut curry sauce, and the ginger greens were sweet.  The fish was flavorful and the presentation was beautiful.  Now that I think about it, I don’t remember chewing this dish much.  Yes, it was that good!  If you’re into island flavors, then this is the closest dish you’ll get at this place.  The sauce to this dish stole the show though.


The fourth dish that was devoured were the Maine Scallops.  It consisted of celery root, pomegranate relish, wilted greens, and celery salad.  What stole the show on this dish wasn’t the scallops, but the celery salad that sat on top of it.  The celery root along with the salad complimented each other very well with the salty taste of the Scallops.  I’m a huge fan of Scallops, so when it’s cooked properly and surrounded by different flavors, I have no choice but to commend the chef on their well doings.  The pomegranate relish added the extra sweetness that the dish needed.  The celery root was creamy, light, and mellow which brought the taste of the dish to a whole other level.  If you decide to come here and don’t order this dish, we can’t be friends.  But, then again, you probably calculate the check when it comes out, so we’re definitely not friends.


The last dish that was ordered was the Spice Roasted Chicken.  It consisted of Vietnamese style greens, sticky rice, and toasted chili-lime dipping sauce which fish oil was incorporated into.  I knew that if I called my grandmother to tell her how good this chicken was, I’d have to tell her that this chicken is better than hers on her best day.  And, I love my life, so I opted not to call her.  As far as Roasted Chickens, this is the best you’ll ever have.  I cut into the chicken and juices covered in seasonings fell out of it.  Talk about mouth-watering!  If you want chicken with perfect crispy skin and a moist center than look no further.  The toasted chili-lime dipping sauce wasn’t my favorite as it was too bitter and sour, but if you were to pour it on top of the sticky rice then you might be more prone to enjoy it.  I’m not the biggest fan of sticky rice, because it literally sticks to your stomach and fills you up, but those Vietnamese Style Greens were obviously cooked by someones grandmother.  The flavors alone made me remind of the best spinach and kale that I’ve ever had.  This dish was a favorite of the night, too.


Overall, this restaurant is a GO TO.  If you’re looking for a great date night spot then this is the perfect place.  The prices are reasonable and the ambiance is great.  I rarely, if ever, speak on service, but I’d like to give a kudos to the staff for making the experience that much better.  Let me know what you think when you decide to go!


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