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Izakaya Seki (Washington, D.C.)

I wish that I had the opportunity to eat at different restaurants growing up to experience different cuisines and techniques of cooking.  I firmly believe the more you experience growing up, the better you’ll be able to explain things if ever questioned.  I have a personal goal to experience as many restaurants as possible, with

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Dirty Habit (Washington, D.C.)

What’s your dirty habit?  When I was growing up, my dirty habit used to be not brushing my teeth before I went to bed.  Now, I’m addicted to brushing my teeth and have even woke up a few times in the middle of the night just to brush my teeth.  I’m pretty sure that’s not

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Zaytinya (Washington, D.C.)

For the month of August, yes I know it’s September, I wanted to try a “different” cuisine.  I usually stick with traditional american, french, soul food, but I’ve yet to venture out to different cuisines such as Korean and Mediterranean foods.  I decided to try out this restaurant that I pass by frequently when I

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