Luce (San Francisco, CA)

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and decided to recreate the dish that you had that evening?  Well, this was me reenacting the dish (Poached Halibut) that I had at this Michelin Star Restaurant.  During my travels to California, the state with the most Michelin Restaurants in the United States, I made a priority

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Dirty Habit (Washington, D.C.)

What’s your dirty habit?  When I was growing up, my dirty habit used to be not brushing my teeth before I went to bed.  Now, I’m addicted to brushing my teeth and have even woke up a few times in the middle of the night just to brush my teeth.  I’m pretty sure that’s not

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OYAMEL (Washington, D.C.)

I guess there seems to be something about Chef Jose Andres that I can’t shake, because just like the previous post of Zaytinya, this restaurant is led by him.  Oyamel is located on the opposite end of Zaytinya about four blocks from Chinatown.  (How amazing do you have to be to get prime real estate

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