Dirty Habit (Washington, D.C.)


What’s your dirty habit?  When I was growing up, my dirty habit used to be not brushing my teeth before I went to bed.  Now, I’m addicted to brushing my teeth and have even woke up a few times in the middle of the night just to brush my teeth.  I’m pretty sure that’s not the concept behind the name of this restaurant, but I just made it a concept, so RUN. ME. MY. COINS!  No?  Well, can’t blame me for trying.  For some reason I keep going to restaurants that happen to be not to far from Chinatown in D.C.  This restaurant is inside of the Kimpton Hotel down the street from the Spy Museum, or a stand alone restaurant depending on what side of the restaurant you go in.


I decided to go to this place for brunch because I seen they had a Lobster Hash.  Lobster Hash sounded so amazing that I neglected all of the other things they had on the menu.  The exterior and interior of this restaurant looks like you such put on your Sunday’s best and walk down a runway to have paparazzi take your picture.  In other words this has been of the best interior restaurants I’ve seen.  The high ceilings, the bar area, and the dining area all look amazing.  I may go try dinner one of these days but for now let’s focus on the brunch aspect.


Three dishes were ordered which included Lobster Hash, Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast, and a Breakfast Burrito.  The Lobster Hash was good as but wasn’t excellent because there was no thought put into the dish at all.  The dish didn’t come with an egg, so I had them put two poached eggs to the side for me so I could create my own dish, and even though it was a hash, I believe turning this dish into some kind of Benedict would’ve been better.  The Lobster Hash included Poached lobster and shrimp, potato, celery leaves, gruyere, and a lobster béchamel sauce.  The potatoes were dry, had no flavor, and tasted like they’ve been sitting for a while.  I mentioned this dish didn’t have any thought to it because the potatoes that were included in this dish, were the same potatoes that were a “side” for most of the breakfast dishes that were ordered.  If you had ordered “bacon and eggs” it would’ve come with a side of potatoes, the exact same potatoes that were put in the lobster hash.  AB-SOO-LUTE-LEE THE F*** NOT.  That’s unacceptable.  If this dish were made into a Benedict or even had a different kind of potato I would be a little more understanding, but to have the same kind of potatoes in this dish that’s included on the side of a Breakfast Burrito seems to be un-thoughtful.


The next dish that was ordered was the Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast.  The dish came with bananas but it was chosen to skip the addition of the bananas for this dish.  The French Toast was okay, but it wouldn’t be something I would order on a consistent basis.  It also came with two sunny side up eggs.  But, where’s the meat?  Oh, the meat was in a form of a powder that was put on top of the French Toast.  It was a “powered bacon sugar”.  What the hell is powdered bacon sugar?  Why not just put two pieces of bacon on the plate and add powdered sugar to the already sweet Peanut Butter and Jelly French Toast?  I’m frustrated.  I should write a letter.


Last but not least we have the Breakfast Burrito.  The burrito was wrapped in Scrambled eggs, chorizo, mushroom, spinach, and served with a side of salsa verde.  The Burrito was pretty good, but it’s a burrito.  The only thing that can go wrong with this is that potatoes were stuffed inside and the tortilla was hard.  Oh, Yeah, the potatoes were put on the side with this dish.  The same potatoes that were in my lobster hash.  Such a waste.


Overall, if you decide to go order what you like.  What I ordered wasn’t anything to “brag about”, but it was something that filled me up.  The interior of this restaurant is simply breath-taking but that couldn’t help persuade my overall opinion about this place.



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