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Mourad (San Francisco, CA)

Searching for the best restaurant you could possibly go to when you’re traveling is pretty challenging.  What if the food isn’t good?  What if the ambiance sucks?  Well, what if you weren’t born?  (Ok, that may have been a bit extreme, but you get what I’m saying)  I […]

The Front Porch (San Francisco, CA)

During my travels to the Bay Area, specifically San Francisco, I wanted to highlight specific foods that the city isn’t known for.  I spend hours researching the perfect restaurant for when I travel.  Nothing is worse than going to another state and eating at the same restaurant that’s […]

Luce (San Francisco, CA)

Have you ever gone to a restaurant and decided to recreate the dish that you had that evening?  Well, this was me reenacting the dish (Poached Halibut) that I had at this Michelin Star Restaurant.  During my travels to California, the state with the most Michelin Restaurants in […]