Weights + Measures (Houston, TX)

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I just want to start this review off by saying, I sat at my table for 15 minutes before I was offered water.  I don’t hold grudges, but facts are facts.  A manager came over to apologize, but a real apology would’ve came with some flowers and a hug.  I didn’t get either, so I’m furious all over again.  (Well, not really)  Anyways, the most important meal of the day.  Eggs.  Yes, eggs.  As long as the meal has some form of eggs in it, then it’s the most important meal.  No, I’m kidding, but eggs are pretty f***ing spectacular.  You ever sit to think about why we eat the things we eat?  Like, who woke up one day and sat down on their stomach, and milked a cow so they can swallow whatever liquid stuff was in their body?  Disgusting.  Just for the record, I eat cinnamon toast crunch (which is the best cereal in the world, don’t debate me) and I don’t eat it with water.  It was challenging trying to find a restaurant in Houston, TX that had a “different” kind of breakfast menu.  Well, sorry, I didn’t find anything different.


Weights and Measures, is located off of Caroline St, in Houston, TX.  It’s aimed to create a comfortable, welcoming place for people to dine, relax, and socialize.  The interior of this restaurant looks like it does just that.  When I walked in, I felt this sort of calm feeling, maybe because no one greeted me and it looked like everyone was minding their business, but that’s besides the point.  After being ignored for fifteen minutes, I decided to order a couple of dishes and “scadaddle” out of there.


Two items were ordered but we’ll start with the first one.  House Smoked Salmon, which consisted of dill mascarpone, purple onion, truffle eggs, and pumpernickel bread.  I asked for my eggs to be scrambled lightly, but unfortunately they were not.  I don’t think restaurants understand that scrambling eggs is an art.  It’s a technique, a gift, a form.  I think the fire is too high when they cook it and eggs should be cooked as a risotto.  Slow, carefully, and treated like a 3 month old infant by never leaving its side.  The smoked salmon was good though.


The other item was Avocado Toast.  It consisted of Fried Eggs, Smoked Bacon, Green Harissa, and Ciabatta.  Like the smoked salmon, nothing was too special about this dish.  I wouldn’t consider this item to be Avocado Toast.  I didn’t see any Avocado’s and the Eggs were fried.  Usually eggs are boiled, poached, or over easy.  The bacon however stole the show.  It was thick cut, and the saltiness stood out to combat with the spiciness of the Harissa sauce.


Overall, I’d pass on this restaurant.  Not because of the service, but because there’s nothing special about this place.



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