Hi Friends!

I want you to feel as though you’re on the trip with me when I travel, visit different cities and states throughout the United States, and other countries.  I created a “travel review” page that will give you some insight on places to go, things to see, and what to explore based off of things I’ve done.  In some posts I’ll incorporate prices so therefore you can see that things aren’t expensive and you could possibly travel on a low budget.  I will post as many pictures as I can so therefore you have some idea of what I’m referring to as you read my blog.  This section will be specifically for travel and I may incorporate a section on hotel/airbnb reviews.  I have yet to decide on that.  As always, if you have any suggestions for my blog, please DO NOT hesitate to let me know.  We’re all friends here! Let’s help one another get through this one shot at life we have.