Rolling The Dice (Bobby Flay Steak)

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  • Travel Review- Rolling the dice doesn’t just apply with gambling!  New Jersey hasn’t been a state that I’ve ever visited on the count that I’m not a big gambler (which I’ll soon tell you why) and I’ve never heard of anyone tell me they go up there other than to gamble. I drove up there from the DC area which only took 2 ½ – 3 hours so it wasn’t bad.  You can tell when you get to Atlantic City because of the tall buildings which has a casino feel and look to it.  (I don’t go to casino’s but I would imagine it’s how they look based off of movies I’ve seen).  My time was spent at the Borgata hotel, since I got there 4 hours before dinner.  I had to kill time and what better way to kill time then to gamble?  The experience was… Interesting. (Lack of better words).  I played blackjack and over and under.  Those are two fairly easy games, even someone who doesn’t understand the game can be taught within 10 seconds. Let’s also make a long story short.  Gambled $40, won $200= $240. YAY!!!! Right?! NO. GREED. Almost reminds me why I don’t order dessert, because dinner is ENOUGH. Didn’t I just mention greed?  Well, the dealer seen that I had a hot hand, she specifically told me “go cash out and have a nice day” meaning get. the. hell. out. of here.  Well, I’m hard headed, and being the hard headed individual I am, I lost the whole $240, but wait, I thought I could recoup it but I ended losing another $200. Rule of thumb, when someone tells you to run… RUN.. RUN FAST.  I was sad, but lesson learned right?
  • Restaurant Review : Let’s stay focused to what I really came her for, the food… DUH!  The restaurant was located inside of the Borgata hotel, and it was beautiful.  I first had reservations to another steakhouse in Atlantic City but I changed it because I wanted to see how the restaurant was for the man I always watched on t.v.  What?! You’ve never watched Bobby Flay’s cookoffs?  I enjoyed watching him because he was the only chef I seen that would lose and be happy with why he lost, which means he wasn’t afraid of telling the truth or re crafting his food. The decor for Bobby Flay Steak was nice and modern, the lighting was just right and the noise level wasn’t too loud.  I got there at 4:45 p.m. because the restaurant opened at 5, and it was packed.  Thank You for Opentable (no I don’t get paid to sponsor them but I use them faithfully).  As you walk inside you could see that the restaurant was huge in the inside, tricking your mind from the outside because it looked small.  You are greeted by a large open ice bar with lobsters ranging from 3-5 lbs.  My waiter (who’s name I can’t remember, my apologies) sat me and attended to my every need in a thorough manner.  Before I go to every restaurant I always research the menu and possibly look at pictures because presentation is everything to me.  Even though I know what I want I always let the waiter give me his spill because I may change my mind like Cam Newton ignoring plays from the coach.  I ordered the lobster crab cake. OH. MY! I was left breathless.  It was absolutely the best crab cake/lobster cake I’ve ever had.  The sauce was a little spicy and sweet at the same time and the cake was filled with meat, no filler.  It was so good that I wanted to get another but I opted to wait for my dinner before I got full.  I also ordered the shrimp risotto.  The risotto was very creamy and the shrimp was cooked to perfection.  It melted in your mouth, literally. No, I’m serious, place the shrimp on your tongue with a scoop of risotto and it will disappear.  The absolute best risotto I’ve ever had in MY LIFE!  Of course I couldn’t leave without trying to New York Strip Steak, Truffle Mashed Potatoes, and a 3 LB Lobster.  The Strip Steak I ordered Medium and it came out just that way.  For some reason it was a little rough, and I’m thinking because of how big the cut was.  The sauces I had with it was a bobby flay steak sauce and bernaise, both were great accompaniments.  The truffle mashed potatoes were excellent.  The truffle didn’t overpower the taste of the potato which were very thick and not creamy.  The lobster was huge!  You can’t go wrong with a huge lobster, although some would say the bigger the lobster the tougher the taste is.  Unfortunately, I was unable to eat all of this food that was delivered to me but that’s why they have takeout!  Even the takeout bags were fancy. I would definitely recommend everyone to come here and I’m actually waiting on my next visit, which won’t be anytime soon because I have other states to travel to!

                                 RATING- BUSINESS CLASS

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