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Roses Luxury (Washington, D.C.)

When was the last time you stood in line for something?  Better yet, what are some things you value that are worth standing in line for?  Is it the newest IPhone?  How about the newest Jordans?  How about waiting outside of your girlfriends door, waiting for her to cool down, because she’s tired of you

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Jardenea (Washington, D.C.)

Hi. You. Yes, you. Please, go get dressed up and let’s have a nice dinner at a beautiful restaurant.  How many of you have been to really nice restaurants inside of a hotel… Outside of Las Vegas?  I’ve been to maybe one, but after I tell you about this place, it’ll be two.  I’m not

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Rolling The Dice (Bobby Flay Steak)

Travel Review- Rolling the dice doesn’t just apply with gambling!  New Jersey hasn’t been a state that I’ve ever visited on the count that I’m not a big gambler (which I’ll soon tell you why) and I’ve never heard of anyone tell me they go up there other than to gamble. I drove up there

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