Bite Out Of The Big Apple (Sea Fire Grill, NYC)

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  • TRAVEL REVIEW:¬† Let’s take a bite out of the big apple and see what it has to offer!¬†New York has always been¬†one of my favorite cities to travel to. The big lights, the tourist, and the unbelievable food. ¬†For my first stop, I decided to stay on the east coast and travel to NYC. ¬†I stay in the Washington D.C. area so it took me about 3 hours to get there. What I hate most about driving to New York? ¬†The tolls!! ¬†It cost about $40 to get there in tolls, although cheaper coming back by maybe $20 I always regret driving because I end up saying ‚Äúanother toll (smh)‚ÄĚ. ¬†One day I’ll learn and catch the train, but I like being on my own time so if it’s driveable (6 hours or less) then I’ll fill my tank up. ¬†Walking around in New York is always fun, well… to some. ¬†Everytime I walk in New York and I need to get to my destination it always seems as though it’s 10 blocks away, which may seem like a long walk but you end up running into attractions that makes you appreciate the walk. ¬†Because this was a day trip, we got to New York in the afternoon so we had some time to kill before dinner. ¬†That time was spent in Times Square taking pictures and eventually running into the Nintendo store. ¬†Where’s your inner childhood at? ¬†You don’t love Nintendo? ¬†Wasn’t it in every household? ¬†I digress. ¬†(Shout out to Mrs. PacMan, the highest level I got to was 9 before I destroyed the game in anger).
  • RESTAURANT REVIEW : Dinner Reservations were at 5 p.m. (the time the restaurant opened). ¬†I always enjoy being the first one at the restaurant because it’s generally quiet, the food isn’t sitting (which I hope not for anytime I go), and I have time to enjoy my waiter or waitress without them having to juggle 5 different tables. ¬†I had dinner at the seafire grill which I chose because Le Bernadin was booked for months in advance.¬† I‚Äôm not sure why I thought I could make reservations when it‚Äôs ranked in the top 50 restaurants in the United States according to the dailymeal.¬†¬† The restaurant was very nice, although outside of it it was nothing fancy. ¬†I’m not sure if the restaurant was at the bottom of an apartment building or it’s actual own building. ¬†I’ll opt to say it was downstairs from an apartment building because of the way it looked. (No, I didn’t ask because I would eat there regardless). ¬†The restaurants decor was pretty nice as when you walk to the sitting room you‚Äôre surrounding by a nice long fish tank. ¬†The waiter I was given to at the restaurant was Jose. ¬†He was good, but sometimes I felt as though he thought I was a fish. ¬†Every time I took a sip of water, he was filling it back up. ¬†Relax guy. ¬†Food! Yes.. Food. For starters I had the lobster salad, and ahi tuna tar tar. ¬†(Not pictured is the ahi tuna tar tar. ¬†Horrible plating, horrible taste, and overall horrible. ¬†I wouldn’t waste your time by showing you the image.)The lobster salad was OK, it lacked seasoning (Basic Salt and Pepper). ¬†It was just cold lobster tail and avocado with some type of vinaigrette dressing.¬† The ahi tuna tar tar was okay, although the presentation was horrible, nothing nice to say about the appetizers.¬† As for dinner, it was interrupted because of an emergency. ¬†But, it wasn’t interrupted before I received my meal. ¬†I got the filet with shrimp and lobster topped (which was considered their version of surf and turf). ¬†I ordered it medium, but the steak tasted like it was well done. ¬†It was a filet which is my usual choice of the cow when ordering beef, although a nice tomahawk or ribeye makes my heart melt as well. ¬†One day I’ll stop ordering beef from a restaurant that’s known for seafood. ¬†Nothing on the menu that I saw was worth ordering IMHO (In my humble opinion). I also ordered mac and cheese as a side which was okay. ¬†It tasted like the mac and cheese had been sitting and the cheese was stuck to the pasta. (Not in a good way). ¬†I was a little disappointed but ¬†Overall restaurant : 1 out of 5. ¬† Would I go back? Absolutely Not.

                    RATING- DEPLANE

  • Where To Next? ¬†Dinner Reservations: Next Weekend.. We’re going to New Jersey.



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