Southern Hospitality (Ray’s On The River/ RA Sushi)

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Atlanta- exterior rays
Rays- Exterior
Atlanta- interior restaurant rays
Rays- Interior
Atlanta- Moscow Mule
Moscow Mule
Atlanta- CrabCake
Crab Cake
Atlanta- salmon
Oscary Style Salmon
Atlanta- RA Sushi
RA Sushi- Exterior
Atlanta- Sushi
Viva Las Vegas Roll | Gojira Roll | Lobster Shrimp Roll


  • Travel Review : Let’s see what the south has to offer us! Instead of driving to Atlanta, GA I flew (Because who wants to drive if they can fly? Again… Don’t answer that question).  First, let’s just say the airport is big as s***. WOW. It’s actually convient as well as they have a train shuttle inside of the airport that will carry you from terminal to terminal which I thought was pretty cool.  This was my first time traveling to Atlanta as an adult.  I traveled to Atlanta when I was younger, maybe in 9th grade to go see the final four game and I also visited Shareef Abdul-Rahim’s house who was a great basketball player before injuries plagued his career.  The city is beautiful.  From the tall buildings, the busy streets, and the developing real estate features.  It seems as though there is always something to do in Atlanta.  I guess that didn’t apply to me since I came to eat.  I spent most of my time there actually relaxing in my hotel room before I went to the aquarium and coca cola world which were both next door to each other.  I would suggest anyone that’s never been to Atlanta to visit both.  I had a great time!  Did you know that coca cola was once an over the counter drug which would be given in a 2 oz liquid that you would need to mix in carbonated water? Yeah, me either! I guess it really did have “coke” in it, although some would argue it still does.  Stick to pepsi, don’t do drugs kids.  HAHA. Just kidding. I love all soda’s except for root beer, it’s just disgusting. Wait, am I off topic? A little? I guess.. Ok, I’ll digress.


  • Restaurant Review : Atlanta to most is known for their southern comfort food but I didn’t want to do what the Romans did so I opted for a nicer restaurant.  The restaurant I chose was Ray’s on the River.  The restaurant has a nice view (depending on where you sit) where it over looks the river, duh (the duh was for me, I wouldn’t dare insult your intelligence).  The outside of the restaurant is very nice as you are greeted by a nice open pond before heading through the double doors.  The restaurant has a sleek look to it but the interior was nothing to brag about.  I asked the hostess if I could sit near the water (to enhance the experience) but she said it would be a 40 minute wait which was fine because I wasn’t as hungry as I thought I would be.  I sat at the bar and had a moscow mule, which had me a little dazed after I finished drinking it.  Maybe because I don’t drink strong drinks often?  Yes, I’ll admit I’m a lightweight, so what.  The hostess finally directed me to my table after about 30 minutes so the wait wasn’t bad at all.  My waiter (which name I did not remember, because it wasn’t worth remembering and I’ll tell you why later) read from a card of the daily specials they had.  The many restaurants I’ve been to I’ve never seen a waiter read from a card of what their specials were.  If you can’t remember a simple “special of the day” then how will you remember if I wanted extra mushrooms or sour cream on the side?  I actually zoned out when he “read” the specials of the day (maybe because the liquor didn’t wear off ) but I acted as though I was interested in listening to him.  I made it simple on him.  I ordered the crab cake as an appetizer and salmon (because nothing else on the menu really looked interesting).  Why did I go to a restaurant and order salmon? Well.. Because someone has to! The crab cake was pretty good.  It had no filler and was topped with a corn salsa with remoulade sauce on it.  I’m sure the crab cake was devoured in 40 seconds tops.  I’m not sure if I was that hungry or the alchol made me eat it the way I did, nevertheless it was pretty good.  My main course was oscar style salmon on top of mashed potatoes.  The salmon was slightly undercooked (even though he didn’t ask how I wanted it prepared).  It looked as though it was broiled, but the center was still a little raw.  (Yuck) They were a little stingy with the crab meat and the asparagus looked as though it was a longer version of a green bean (that’s how thick it was).  The waiter came back twice to ask if I wanted any dessert or a drink other than my water, but failed to ask “how did the food taste”.  If he would’ve asked me that, well, let’s be glad he didn’t ask me that.  I was disappointed by this restaurant, nothing special. No special sauce, no special feeling, just a regular restaurant.  Would I come back? You know the answer to that question.
  • The next restaurant I went to the next day was RA Sushi.  I had a taste for sushi and someone told me to try this place out.  I wasn’t disappointed as the sushi I ordered was fresh and amazing.  Side note; someone please teach me how to eat with chopsticks!  I hate asking for silverware when I eat sushi, but better than eating it with your hands right?  I ordered the Viva Las Vegas Roll, Gojira Roll, and Lobster Shrimp Roll.  I wanted to try all three of them because they all sounded amazing. The viva las vegas roll was stuffed with crab meat, cream cheese, and topped with seaweed.  It also had spicy tuna, crab mix and sliced root.  Oh. My! It was my favorite.  The next roll I had was the Gojira Roll, which was nothing too amazing about this one.  It was shrimp tempura, crab mix, cream cheese, and cucumber topped with spicy tuna and spicy mayo.  The last roll I tried was the Lobster Shrimp Roll which is pretty much self explanatory.  Lobster and shrimp, nothing too special about it.  The restaurant felt like any other Japanese restaurant.  Big disco ball hanging from the ceiling, lots of liquor, and chopsticks.  This restaurant is a chain restaurant which I didn’t know until after I did more research and I hate going to chain restaurants when I travel.  Maybe I should’ve done some soul food?  Next time I’ll do with the romans do as the food I tasted wasn’t anything worth bragging over.


Rays On The River- May I Speak To The Captain

RA Sushi- Stuck On The Runway

  • Where to Next?  Let’s go up north to Massachusetts. Our flight is early next Saturday morning at 6 a.m. YIKES!  Dinner is at 6 p.m. though so we have time to rest.


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