Clam We All Just Get Along (Boston Chops/State Street Provisions)

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  • Travel Review : Boston just has a feel to it that you would know you’re up north.  The time I got off the plane and walked through the airport to catch the bus to the hotel all you heard was the “new york/up north”accents.  You’ll know what I mean once you go or if you’ve gone you know exactly what I mean.  My hotel was close to the World Trade Center which was walking distance of course.  As I walked to the hotel you could see how beautiful the city was.  Sometimes my only regret going to these places is that I couldn’t stay longer than I wanted. My hotel was gorgeous, I stayed at the Westin on the waterfront and was able to get a 15th floor room that overlooked the water.  I killed sometime by going to the pool and resting as I had to get up at 3 a.m to get ready to catch my flight.  I don’t know about you but just lounging around in a hotel watching tv is good enough for me.  Sometimes you don’t need to move around or go searching for things to do to have a good time.  Just sit down and relax, you’ll enjoy it, I promise!  My agenda for the trip was lunch at state street provisions and dinner at Boston Chops.  What else was on my agenda? Well.. What’s the point of this blog?  To travel to eat food, so that’s exactly what I’ll do, everything else is secondary, HAHA.


  • Restaurant Review : (LUNCH) State Street Provisions. What can I say about this place? Oh, they have the best clam chowder I’ve tasted.. EVER!  It was around 70 degrees which was nice enough to sit outside if you wanted but I opted to stay inside to eat (less chances of you eating a bug).  The restaurant was nice in the inside and quiet (maybe everyone was still sleeping or eating else where).  The restaurant had a nice upscale cafe look but it was clean and had a comfort feeling to it.  My waiter James was good but timing of the food was pretty bad.  (I have to put the blame on him as he didn’t update me about what was going on and why my food took so long to be prepared).  I ordered the clam chowder to start with and the lobster roll as my entree.  The clam chowder was rich, creamy, and full of clams; but.. yes.. the dreaded but.. It had too many red peppercorns in it and when you bit into it, it overpowered the taste of the actual chowder.  If you decide to go to this restaurant please ask for no peppercorn or feel the wrath of paper invading your tongue!  It came with this huge cracker (which looked homemade) and was pretty good accompanied with the chowder.  The soup was so good, I finished it more quickly than I had expected.  I ordered a lobster roll, if the boston area is known for lobster and the restaurant is known for lobster rolls, then why the hell did it take 25 minutes for it to come out?  That’s a long time! The lobster roll wasn’t anything special, but you could taste the freshness in the lobster.  It was topped with lemon zest, which I have no clue why they put it on there.  Lemon zest on top of lobster? Yuck. Pew.  It was good, but it’s little things like that, that make you question whether you come back to the restaurant or not.

(DINNER) : The MAIN EVENT! Boston Chops. OH. MY. This restaurant was nothing short of amazing.  The decoration was nice, the winery looked amazing, and the decoration was simple but yet awesome with burgundy chairs and gray back splashes in the couch/table.  My waitress was Melanie.  Excellent person.  You can tell she loves her job, even if she hates it, I did not get that feel from her.  She suggested a couple of items (which I was going to order anyways) but I asked her about certain “plates” because presentation is everything.  She was very knowledgeable about the type of plate I wanted to present the food to you all.  I ordered the mac and cheese, french onion soup, ribeye steak, grilled lobster, and a twice baked potato.  The macaroni and cheese had a pork belly taste to it and it was one of the better mac and cheese I’ve ever had.  It was creamy, rich, and full of cheese.  If I could, I would ask them to put lobster in it next time or maybe suggest to them to put that on the menu.  The french onion soup was nothing short of amazing as it was cheesy and rich.  It had the taste of beef broth with a little wine mixed in it.  I’m not sure how the two go hand in hand, but it did.  I ordered a 18 oz food and wine prime bone in rib-eye accompanied with grilled lobster, Bearnaise sauce, and a chimichurri butter.  The ribeye was topped with thyme and garlic and she told me it would be slow roasted in butter. When I first bit into it my eyes popped wide open as if I seen an Angel Kissing my steak before It touched my tongue. No, I’m not being dramatic, this is serious business people! The steak melted in your mouth and dipping it in the chimichurri sauce made it that much better.  I ordered the lobster tail as a side but it came out about 10 minutes late but Melanie gave it to me for free! Talk about excellent service.  Here’s the thing.  I didn’t mind paying for it because she was that good of a waitress but her acknowledging the mistake and making up for it shows her attention to detail.  The lobster came out in a cream sauce (maybe a cognac cream) but it was absolutely great.  It wasn’t too rubbery (sometimes grilled lobster can be) and it also melted in my mouth.  As another side I ordered the twice baked potato which was perfectly presented.  It had bacon, cheese, and sour cream topped on it with a long scallion.  I absolutely have no regrets coming to this place and I would recommend everyone to go there atleast once.  This exceeded my expectations.


State Street Provisions- Stuck On The RunWay

Boston Chops- Business Class

  • Where to Next?: Dinner Reservations in Arkansas at 5 p.m. Next Friday evening.  Another flight! You enjoy flying yet?


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