Barano (Brooklyn, NY)

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I recently read somewhere that a son asked his dad why do they call autumn, autumn?  The dad said “they call it autumn because ‘alldem damn leaves fall” Hilarious!  But, no seriously, why do they call autumn, autumn?  Why can’t they just have four seasons.  Spring, summer, fall, and winter.  Not no damn autumn.  The English language is so stupid.  We pride ourselves in being first at everything but human decency.  But that’s another story for another day.


I went to this restaurant for dinner because I seen they had a Pumpkin stuffed ravioli with braised duck. I knew for the sake of it being fall season I had to indulge on this item that had pumpkin in it.  Also, if it helps, I’ve never had Pumpkin Ravioli before.  The restaurant is in Brooklyn, NY right across the bridge that separates Brooklyn from New York City.  I knew I fell in love with this restaurant right away when they were playing Beanie Seagel’s Feel it in the Air.  If you’ve never heard that song, go, listen to it, more importantly listen to the lyrics.  It’s one of his best songs.  The interior of this restaurant is beautiful with its high ceilings and beautiful bar area.  I would label this restaurant as a “date night” restaurant.


I was able to order three dishes off of the menu and because everything was so reasonably priced, I would’ve ordered another item.  The first dish that was ordered were the Lamb Ribs.  The Lamb Ribs were Slow Roasted with an Indian Sichuan Pepper Dry Rub, Calabrian Honey,  and Lime.  Did your mouth just water?  If not, I don’t know what to tell you.  The stickiness of the ribs had me at the table licking my fingers like I didn’t have any table manners.  The Calabrian Honey made a had a nice sweet taste to combat with the gamy taste of the Lamb.  The lime added the extra bitterness and you can actually taste it on the lamb as well.  These maybe the best lamb ribs I’ve had in my life.


The next dish that was ordered was the Ricotta Cabatelli.  It consisted of Pork Sausage, Kale, Apple, and Ricotta Salata.  This wasn’t my favorite dish as the pork was a bit too salty and the Ricotta was a little too done for my liking.  I usually prefer my pasta al dente but it seems as though the whole overall dish was cooked at the same temperature.  The overall dish did have a lot of flavor with the Saltiness of the Pork and the sweet taste of the apple, which worked completely well with the Ricotta cheese.  This wouldn’t be a dish I would get again, because I didn’t too much like it.  There was nothing wrong with it, I just didn’t prefer it.


The last dish that was ordered was the Tortellini Arso.  It consisted of Pumpkin, Mascarpone, Braised Duck, and Hazelnut.  I would’ve done without the Hazel Nut, but this was the best stuffed pasta I’ve tasted in my life.  Hands down.  I was a little skeptical in ordering Pumpkin stuffed anything, but it tasted like a sweet potato stuffed with a creamy cheese.  The braised duck worked well with it too, and provided the meat the overall dish needed.  The creamy sauce on the Tortellini was amazing, too.  I think I liked the dish even more because it didn’t cost over $20!  This dish is well worth over $20 so whatever mood the manager was in, I’d like to thank him or her.


Overall, this restaurant is a must go to.  The flavors were there and the lamb ribs were excellent.  If you’ve never had Lamb Ribs or Stuffed Pumpkin Ravioli then I suggest you try those two.  The Pumpkin Ravioli may not be there when you go because it maybe a seasonal dish, but you won’t know until you actually go.  Or call the restaurant to ask, but that shouldn’t stop you from going anyways!


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