Blue Smoke (New York, NY)

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Ever have a Fried Chicken Doughnut?  I know, it sounds like a heart attack, right?  Well, if you don’t eat “heart attack” meals everyday, then it’s OK for you to indulge in one.  New York has some of the best restaurants, because there are so many different people there from different cultures.  In one day you can eat some of the best fried chicken to the best sushi.  New York maybe the only place where you can work out (by walking) and eat all the food you want without having to worry about if you’re going to gain too much weight.


I decided to try out Blue Smoke because they offered a Fried Chicken Doughnut breakfast sandwich so I couldn’t pass up that opportunity.  The restaurant is located off of Vesey St. directly across from the restaurant Amada I reviewed a few months ago.  If you’re looking for a great scenery after you eat then this is the place for you.  About two blocks away is an overpass where you’re overlooking the beautiful water and tall sky scrapers.  The interior of this restaurant is set up like an upscale bar which was pretty cool.  During my visit however, I decided to eat outside because the weather was absolutely beautiful.


Three dishes were ordered including oysters and a shrimp toast.  I’ll start off with the main event though.  The Fried Chicken Doughnut Sandwich.  The correct name of this dish is Bright-Eyed Breakfast Sandwich which consisted of a Biscuit Doughnut, Fried Egg, Pimento Cheese, and a Spicy Fried Chicken. I’ve had a Fried Chicken Doughnut sandwich before but nothing like this one.  The Chicken was perfectly fried and had the right amount of seasonings on it.  I thought it would be greasy, but the breast was juicy, savory, and tender.  The chicken had a crunch to it, so that was a huge plus and the doughnut was very sweet which complimented the spiciness of the chicken well.  The Egg usually comes fried but I requested an over easy egg and it was so perfect.  If a restaurant has a dish that comes with a runny-yolk, chances are I’m going to order it.


The second dish that was ordered was the Gulf Shrimp and Avacado Toast.  It consisted of Brown Butter Toast, Shrimp, and a Tabasco Mayo.  This dish was unbelievable as well.  If you’re looking for a lemony shrimp smothered in Avacado with a soft but crunch buttered toast then this is the perfect dish for you.  The shrimp taste like they were poached in Butter and Lemon Juice and finished off with Tabasco Mayo.  A Spring Mix salad came with the dish, but I would’ve like to see something else come with it.  Maybe some sweet potato fries?  I think it would’ve complimented the bitter taste of the shrimp well.  The flavors of the dish were sweet and sour, lemony, and pleasant, but I thought there would’ve been a little more done with this dish.


Last but not least we have oysters.  I decided to order some Grilled Oysters because I haven’t had them in a while and they were pretty good.  They weren’t spectacular or anything just good.  The breadcrumbs could’ve been a little more toasted in butter but the overall oyster was pretty good.  I’m not sure what type of oyster I was eating, maybe I should’ve asked, but I didn’t think of asking until after I left the restaurant.  Water under the bridge.


Overall, if you decide to go to this restaurant let me know what you think.  I wouldn’t rush to go to this place, but if you decide to go it won’t hurt.


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  1. The fried chicken doughnut looks and sounds amazing, but I will add this restaurant to my NY eats list for that shrimp and avocado toast! The picture is mouth-watering!


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