Poogan’s Smokehouse (Charleston, SC)

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One of the most challenging things when traveling is picking the perfect place to eat at.  Why?  I believe taking the time out of your schedule to research a place that’s different, looks good, and has high praises makes your experience that much better.  I mean, you wouldn’t take a plane to travel somewhere you have in your own state would you?  Well, I mean… I wouldn’t.  I don’t put anything pass you all.  Yes.  Stop going to Cheesecake Factory when you travel out-of-state.  (Just an example of a restaurant that’s located in each state, just about).



During my visit to South Carolina, I knew that I wanted some kind of barbecue.  I didn’t know where I would get it from, but I knew I had to make a choice about somewhere that I would enjoy eating.  I chose to eat at Poogan’s Smokehouse, which wasn’t recommended by anyone, and was actually kind of picked with my eyes closed.  I had the opportunity to go to five different barbecue spots, but I chose this one.


I was able to order three dishes during my visit to Poogan’s Smokehouse.  Catfish and Grits, Fried Chicken, and a Southern Platter were all ordered during my visit.  I’ll start off with the Catfish and Grits.  Usually, I’ll order catfish if it’s fried, but in this case it was fried but smothered in hot sauce.  I’m sure you’re wondering if the fish was as spicy as it looks, and to answer your question no, it wasn’t.  The fish did have a little kick to it, but nothing alarming.  The fish also came with Cheddar Grits and Fried Broccoli.  I didn’t so much enjoy the grits, as they tasted like a cheesy rice.  Grits are supposed to have a creamy texture, not too thick, and not too creamy.  These grits were a little dry, but if you ate enough of it, they would sit at the pit of your stomach until you decided to run to the bathroom.  The Fried Broccoli was a tad bit salty, so if you have the opportunity to order another side instead of Broccoli, go for it.


The next dish that was ordered was the Farms Fried Chicken with White Cheddar Mac and Cheese and Collard Greens.  I love a good piece of Fried Chicken, especially when it’s crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.  This piece of Fried Chicken was exactly that.  I wouldn’t take it too far as to say this was my favorite piece of Fried Chicken.  It could’ve been a little more seasoned, and the portion size could’ve been a little more.  I was told that this was a thigh, but it didn’t look as such.  More like an over-sized Chicken Strip.  The collard greens were watery and vinegary.  Those two don’t mix with any kind of green leafed vegetable.  The highlight of this dish was the mac and cheese.  It wasn’t creamy or cheesy, but yet, it was good.  I would go as far as to say this was a fancy easy mac that you get from aisle 4 at your local grocery store.


Last but not least we have the platter.  It consisted of Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Sausage, Pickled Veggies, Collard Greens, and Potato Salad.  If you decide to order a platter from this place, don’t.  Well, if you do, be cognizant of what meats you decide to order.  The Baby Back Ribs were fatty and lacked meat.  The Smoked Sausage was pretty good, but it wasn’t good enough for me to be aware of the lack of meat that was in the Ribs.  The potato salad lacked seasonings, and the collard greens were still too vinegary.  I was disappointed in this dish because I thought the Ribs would be good, but sadly I was wrong.


Overall, this restaurant is a pass.  There are other barbecue places in Charleston that may catch your eye.  As far as this one, I’d pass, but if you decide to go, let me know what you think.


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