Salare (Seattle, WA)

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Black History Month.  Excellence.  Growth.  Underappreciated.  Deserving.  These are all of the words that come to mind with thoughts about the African-American Restaurant community.  One thing that Blacks have been under-recognized in is the food scene.  Sure, Blacks make great Fried Chicken and Macaroni and Cheese, but what about other areas of food that Blacks are immaculate in?  There’s a stigma in the African-American community that say Blacks play it too safe when it comes to food.  If you ever go to a restaurant that’s led by an African-American, you can bet there will be at least three things on the menu.  Fried Chicken, Macaroni and Cheese, and Collard Greens are almost certain items that will be featured on the menu.  What can I say, we love foods that we know are good.  One of the reasons why I chose this restaurant is because the menu didn’t include any of the above mentioned.


During my visit to Seattle, I was able to seek out a restaurant that’s owned by an African-American.  Chef Edouardo Jordan exemplifies brilliance, creativity, and the ability to cater to all patrons.  I had a chance to visit his restaurant Salare, which is down the street from another restaurant that he owns.  Salare is located in North Seattle and specializes in local meats & creative veggie dishes in a contemporary room.  The interior of this restaurant is one that can be described that has a contemporary feel perfect for date night.  I was able to order two entrees and a dessert.  The two entrees consisted of Prawns and Angolotti.  The dessert consisted of a S’more Entremet.  I’ll start off with the Prawns that were on the top of Chorizo, Yellowfoot Chantrelles, Brussels Sprouts, and Bean Ragout.  I’m sure you’re already aware about how I excited I was to try this dish.  Mushrooms and Prawns!  What more can you ask for?  The flavors of this dish were amazing.  I thought there would be an earthy taste to this dish, but no.  The Prawns were sauteed perfectly and the Chantrelles were buttery.  The Brussels and Bean Ragout offered more of a starch taste to this dish, that wouldn’t make it so light, but the spices creativity and flavors stole the show.  This was my “play it safe” dish, but I had no idea this dish would taste the way it did.


The next dish was the Agnolotti.  It consisted of Pork, Celeriac, Whey Onions, Pecorino, and Jus.  This dish wasn’t as salty as I thought it would be because the ingredients all consisted of it.  The pasta worked well with the Pork and the Celeriac and Whey Onions added an extra bitter taste that evened out the saltiness of the dish.  If you’re looking for a dish that’s hearty than this is the perfect one for you.  When you decide to go to this restaurant, let me know you’re thoughts if you decide to order this dish.


Usually I don’t get dessert when I go out, but in this case it was offered.  The S’more Entremet consisted of cashew brownie, chocolate brandy caramel, coffee mousse, and hazelnut ice cream.  My mouth literally watered as I was typing this.  I love chocolate and to have it with a hazel nut ice cream sent my taste buds to another level.  The Brownie was soft and delicate, and the coffee mousse was bitter but worked well with the sweetness of the cake.


Overall, this restaurant is a go-to.  I enjoyed myself at this place and I’m sure you will to.  The creativity in their menu and flavors of the dishes prove you’ll have a great time.


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