Slipstream (Washington, D.C.)

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Am I the only one that has “last minute” friends?  You know.. The friends that’ll text you at 7:59 a.m. and say let’s meet for breakfast at 9 a.m.  Well, I do.  Not only is that the challenging part, but finding a place for breakfast where we can enjoy good food and chat is even more challenging. No, I don’t want I-HOP or Bob Evans, although Bob Evans has good sausage gravy.


Slipsteam, D.C. is one of the best “go-to” breakfast places in the D.C. area.  It’s set up like a huge Starbucks, only restaurant style.  You’re able to go in and place an order to go, sit down and work on a group project while ordering something light such as a muffin, or you can be seated and enjoy a great meal.  Slipstream has a couple of locations, (I’ll let you google it so you can stop being lazy) and specializes in fresh local ingredients, perfectly poached eggs, and well crafted coffee and cocktails.


During my visit I was able to order two dishes that were both mouth watering.  The French Toast and the Avocado Toast were my two choices.  I’ll start off with the French Toast.  The French Toast was the most interesting choice of words that were used to describe this big ass muffin.  Because, that’s exactly what it was.  A. BIG. ASS. MUFFIN.  I actually questioned what I was eating to see if I ordered the right thing, and the waitress said yes.  This is their version of French Toast.  What the shit?! How cool is that!  The “French Toast” consisted of Brown sugar crumble, spiced apple chutney, apple butter, and maple syrup  This was the best French Toast Muffin I’ve ever had.  It was crispy on the outside but soft on the inside.  The sugar crumble to go along with the spiced apple chutney were mixed together perfectly.  Raspberries were added with the french toast as well, but that did nothing but kick this dish up another notch.  I love how this dish was different, sugary, savory, and flavorful.  Definitely a favorite of mine.


The second dish that was ordered was the Avocado Toast.  This Avocado Toast needed a little help from me because I added two poached eggs and smoked salmon to it.  Definitely one of my better decisions that I’ve made in life.  The toast?  Not so much.  They definitely went to the grocery store and used wonder bread and put it on the toaster, which is unacceptable, but I won’t act to “fancy” on yall.  The poached eggs were slightly over-cooked, but the salmon and avocado were both fresh.  You can tell the eggs were over-cooked because when you cut into them, hopes and dreams didn’t fall out in the form of yolk.  That’s disappointing because I’m addicted to cutting poached eggs open and watching the yolk drip over the rest of the food.  There isn’t too many words you can use to describe toast, avocados, salmon, and poached eggs.  The dish was good, but not the best.  I can’t get over the wonder bread.


Overall, this place is a go-to.  It’s a chill place where you can catch up with a friend that you haven’t seen in years.  It’s not a place where there’s a lot of commotion or a place where big parties are appropriate.  (Not that they don’t welcome big parties)  When you decide to go let me know your thoughts!


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