Hot Suppa! (Portland, ME)

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Lol, you ever google “Hot Supper”?  Don’t.  (You never listen, I knew you were going to google it)  I was trying to find a perfect intro to this review by correlating “hot suppa” with some kind of story time feature.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything. I was wondering if I could choose a kids book that I swore I’ve read, where the mama bear would scream, “Hot Suppa” is ready.  Don’t mind me.  No, I’m not delusional (aka high).


The most important meal of the day, right?  Right.  Hot Suppa, which is located off of Congress St. in Portland, Maine, has an interesting menu choice when it comes to the type of seafood they mix other dishes with.  One of the reasons I wanted to eat here was not because of the ravishing reviews submitted it was because they had a dish I’ve never had in my life.  (Of course I’m going to make you read some more to see what it was).  The interior of this restaurant looks like it fits about 50 people at once, so make sure you get there early so you can be seated.  (No Reservations).  By early, I mean, 7 a.m. when they open.


During my visit I was able to indulge in two dishes.  The Calamari and Grits (Yes, this is what I came for) and the Sausage Gravy & Biscuits.  I’ll start with what I came here for.  (This dish is ONLY offered for dinner, by the way.)  I wanted to try this dish because I’ve never had the two together at the same time.  I’ve heard of Pork Belly and Grits and of course Shrimp and Grits, but never Calamari and Grits.  The Calamari was sauteed with jalapenos and different spices.  The grits were a bit undercooked but the overall dish was pretty good.  I could’ve used more butter mixed with the grits and have them simmered down a bit more, so you wouldn’t see the rawness of the grits, but I’m meticulous when it comes to grits.  Blame my grandmother.  Her grits are the best.


The next dish that was ordered was the Sausage Gravy & Biscuits.  This dish was presented with two biscuits, smothered with sausage gravy, a side of grits, and scrambled eggs.  The Sausage Gravy wasn’t my favorite because it was a bit salty, but the sausage chunks presented in the gravy was a nice touch.  The eggs were scrambled in the form of a light omelette and the grits were topped with mozzarella cheese.  The dish came with a side of grapefruit as well.  Sausage Gravy & Biscuits aren’t my favorite because it’s a hit or miss.  Some restaurants make their gravy with actual sausage and some just mix it in with the roux.


Overall, this restaurant is good, but you maybe able to find better.  I enjoyed the special dish of the Calamari and Grits but not enough to refer you here.  There are plenty of eats in Portland, Maine so if you decide to go somewhere else I won’t be mad with you.


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