Bluebird BBQ (Burlington, VT)

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Who goes to a seafood city to order barbecue?  Your mother, that’s who.  No, I am not your mother, but I, also, go to a seafood city and search for barbecue.  (No, I am not your step-father)  During my trip to Vermont, I chose not to die from Iodine poisoning and ventured off to some other foods that will kill me in the future.  Pork.


I chose to dine at Bluebird BBQ because it was the place that fascinated me the most among the other options for Barbecue in the area.  I decided to give Bluebird a try, not because of anything special on the menu, but because I just wanted to give it a shot.  The interior of this restaurant was pretty cool, as they have a sort of “rooftop cabana” area.


During my trip I was able to indulge in a few dishes.  A Spare Rib Platter and The Carolina were the items that were ordered.  I’ll start with The Carolina.  It consisted of Pulled Pork, Coleslaw, and Vin-q sauce.  The sandwich was okay, but wasn’t great.  It was okay, but wasn’t bad.  It was just a regular sandwich.  The sauce wasn’t good, the coleslaw was bland, and the Pulled Pork didn’t have much of a smokey flavor to it.  It lacked seasonings and consistency.


The next dish that was ordered was the Spare Pork Ribs dish.  It consisted of St. Louis Spare Pork Ribs, Beef Brisket, Coleslaw, and Macaroni and Cheese.  The Macaroni and Cheese wasn’t good, at all.  In fact, it was bad.  Not bad if you’re a baby though.  A baby would love this macaroni and cheese because it has yet to see how real macaroni and cheese is supposed to taste.  It was bland.  It needed salt and pepper.  It also needed cheese that didn’t taste as though it was melted from Kraft singles.  It also needed for the bread crumbs to be toasted underneath a broiler instead of being sprinkled on top like a man throwing on a hat to go to Wal-Mart to make his outfit look less noticeable.  The best thing about the Coleslaw is that there wasn’t a trash can near by, because that’s exactly where it should’ve went.  I’m frustrated.  The Beef Brisket was the only acceptable thing on the menu, but the overall dish was pretty bad.  The Ribs weren’t meaty, they were fatty and the sauce lacked flavor.


Overall, I wouldn’t tell my worst enemy to dine here.  I’d tell him to go to I-ho”B”s first.  (HA. I-hoB.  Whoever is in charge of marketing needs a new assignment.  I don’t believe in people being fired, unless they’ve done some off the wall shit).


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