L’Adresse (New York, NY)

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I absolutely hate traveling to New York.  It’s not the traffic or the amount of people who are in the city, it’s the fact that I can’t try all the restaurants I want to even if I had two lives.  (Well, they do say some of us have been in this world before, but I won’t get fake deep on y’all today)  I love New York.  I love the energy the city brings.  I love the fast pace.  I love the variety.  You can go to New York and get something as simple as a cup of noodles, and it’ll be the best noodles you’ve ever had.  I’ve always said the top three places to eat in the United States is New Orleans (Number one, don’t debate me), California, and New York.


During my visit to the city, I decided to stay around the touristy part of Times Square to have dinner at L’Adresse.  L’Adresse is a Russian-based restaurant that offers an upscale american and international fare.  It’s located off of 6th Avenue and is absolutely stunning.  The interior of this restaurant is none short of fantastic.  High ceilings, open kitchen, and a vibrant but upscale feeling.


During my visit four dishes were ordered.  Salmon Tartare, Lamb Chops, Josper Grilled Octopus, and Jospher Chicken Wings.  I’ll start this review off by going through the Salmon Tartare.  A beautiful presented dish, that reminded me of a healthier Tuna Tartare.  It consisted of cripsy capers, lime-dill, Fresno reduction, and sourdough crisps.  This dish was light, fresh, and flavorful.  The Salmon was meaty and the sourdough crisps were a great addition.  It taste as if it was flash fried, and dusted off with a bit of salt.  Salmon can have a bland taste unless it’s seasoned correctly.  It almost has a fatty taste, but in retrospect very healthy for you.  The lime-dill along with the crispy capers added an extra saltiness to the dish as well, but it was more of an onion taste than anything.  I would order this dish continuously if I could.


The next dish that was ordered were the Lamb Chops.  It consisted of Josper Grilled Lamb Chops, fontina and creamy truffle polenta, and shaved summer truffles.  The highlight of this dish was the Lamb.  Three pieces of beautifully grilled Lamb Chops which had the right amount of seasonings to it and cooked at a perfect medium temperature.  The Lamb was prepared in a Josper Grill, which is a combination of a grill and an oven in a single machine.  The polenta wasn’t a favorite of mine.  It was too gritty, and needed to be cooked and simmered a bit longer.  The basil oil was a bit over-powering, and to add Summer Truffles to this dish made it pretty pungent.  I would’ve enjoyed the dish a bit more if there was less polenta presented and more vegetables were incorporated.


The third dish that was ordered was the Josper Grilled Octopus.  It consisted of Black Forbidden Rice, Bottega, and Romesco.  For those who aren’t familiar with Romesco, it’s a nut and red pepper-based sauce that’s usually added on top of a grain.  The Forbidden Rice had the texture and taste similar to a Fried-Chinese Rice.  I’m sure you’ve ordered Chinese-Carry out before, so you know exactly how this dish smells.  The Octopus was cooked well, and wasn’t too rubbery.  I enjoyed this dish and would order it again, but I would first venture out to some other dishes they have on their menu.


The last dish that was ordered were the Josper Chicken Wings.  It consisted of five huge party wings that were mixed with Soy Honey Butter Glaze and Crispy Shallots.  The wings were pretty good, but not the best.  I would’ve loved to see these wings fried just a little, I think they would’ve tasted better with a crunch.  When you bake chicken wings, theirs a thin-line between under cooking them and over cooking them.  These wings were cooked perfectly, I just wish there was something else that would’ve been done with them to make them more enjoyable.  They were still flavorful, sweet, and tasty, but I just feel as though something was missing.


Overall, this restaurant is a go-to.  If you see other restaurants in the area that may interest you, I wouldn’t be upset if you chose that place over this.  This is a typical date night restaurant.  Good food, great service, but nothing worth bragging over.


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