Mifune (New York, NY)

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Someone told me the best place to find good sushi or good Japanese inspired dishes is either New York or Los Angeles.  Unfortunately, Los Angeles isn’t an area that I can get too quickly, so New York is the next best option.  (Well, to some, it may be the best option)  I thoroughly enjoy going to New York, although I need to visit other boroughs other than Manhattan and Brooklyn, because it’s such a vibrant area and I enjoy getting lost.  When I get lost in the subway station, my mind wanders and it helps me become more acclimated with the area which I appreciate.


I decided to try out a Japanese restaurant for dinner during my visit to New York.  Mifune, which is a Minimalist elegant eatery that specializes in Japanese inspired cuisines.  It’s located off of 44th St which isn’t too far from the Empire State building.  The interior of this restaurant is absolutely stunning.  It’s dim lit, with high ceilings, a chef’s table, and beautiful dinerware.


I wanted to get a hand on some different things that happened to be on the menu.  Hokkaido Uni Truffle Rolls, Squid, Sake Steamed Manila Clams with Grilled Tomatoes, and Smoked Red Shrimp and Caviar were the choices of the evening.  I’ll start off with the Uni Truffle Rolls.  A Roll wrapped in sweet seaweed topped with fresh Sea Urchin and Black Truffles.  If you’ve never had Uni then I beg you to seek it and try it.  It’s creamy, delicate, and it will melt in your mouth as soon as it hits your tongue.  The Black Truffles gave the dish the extra earthy flavor that it needed.  It went really well with the sweetness of the overall dish.  A beautiful presented dish needs no more explanation.


The Squid, which was Nigiri style, was fresh and interesting to say the least.  It was accompanied with beets.  The Squid had an ocean flavor to it, but not really much other than that.  It was chewy, but not in a way where you’d chew until your jaws hurt, more of a delicate texture.  The Sake Steamed Manila Clams with Grilled Tomatoes however had a sweet and savory taste to it.  The Clams were steamed perfectly and the sake added a great broth to the overall dish.  This dish was infused with the sweetness of the tomatoes, moist, and rich.  The Clams weren’t too chewy and the portion size was perfect.  If you enjoy clams then you’re in for a treat.


The last dish that was ordered was the Smoked Red Shrimp and Caviar.  Steamed Rice to go with Poached Red Shrimp and topped with Fresh Caviar.  A dish that was one for the ages.  The rice was oniony, the shrimp was fresh, and the caviar was nice and salty.  This dish was presented like a huge sushi roll, but not quite.  The portion size was too big to be called that, but the flavors of the Shrimp and Rice worked well with each other.  The rice was soft, the shrimp was buttery, and worked well with the caviar.


Overall, this restaurant is a go-to if you’re in the area.  There are so many restaurants in New York, I wouldn’t be upset if you chose another.  But if you do decide to choose another place, make sure you let me know so I can decide if I’m going to follow in your foot steps.


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