Boka (Chicago, IL)


When’s the last time you got dressed up just to go to dinner?  Every once in a while you should find a restaurant that forces you to dress up.  I always tell myself, I’m treating myself to something I forgot I accomplished or something I’m going to accomplish.  Either way, I look damn good in a suit.  (Trust me)  I decided to try out this Michelin Star restaurant that has a simple but effective menu and rave reviews.


Boka, which is located off of Halstead St. in Chicago, has a Creative American cuisine with a modern setting and stylish interior.  I’ve always stated that it’s important to do research on the restaurant you’ll be dining at, because you don’t want to be dining in a place that requires you to wear a suit jacket.  (This one doesn’t by the way)


During my visit at this restaurant, three dishes were ordered. Roasted Veal Sweetbreads, Beef Short Rib, and Roasted Chicken were the choices for the evening.  I’ll start the review off with the Sweetbreads.  It consisted of Grilled Bitter Greens, Turnips, and Peaches.  If you’re not familiar with Sweetbreads they are an organ meat from the thymus gland and pancreas.  They are usually found in veal, pork, or beef.  These Sweetbreads were nothing short of amazing. The texture was  smooth, tender and moist, and it had a creamy flavor to it. Sweetbreads are also known to be high in protein, so if you’re looking to bulk up than this dish isn’t one that you’ll shy away from. The peaches and turnips helped give it that bitter but sugary taste and worked well with the creamy flavor of the Sweetbread.


The next dish that was ordered were the Slow Roasted Beef Short Ribs.  It consisted of Maitake Mushrooms, Broccoli, Beef Tongue, and Tomato.  Before I go any further, I’m not going to say a bunch of words to let you know how much I absolutely loved this dish.  It was rich, flavorful, and meaty.  The mushrooms added the earthy flavor and the tomato helped with the creaminess.  The Broccoli added the color to the plate which was done beautifully and the Ribs were cooked at a perfect medium temperature.  The only thing that I would change about this dish, is that I would order two times over again.  Yes, it was that good.


The last dish was the Roasted Chicken.  It consisted of Corn, Summer Beans, and Enoki Mushrooms.  This was the BEST Chicken I had EVER had in my life.  The title used to be held by Himitsu, in Washington, D.C. but, after indulging in this dish there’s no doubt in my mind that this was the best.  It was Roasted to perfection and as soon as you cut it juices instantly started flowing out.  The Corn, Summer Beans, and Enoki Mushrooms worked as a sour but sweet summer salad as a great accompaniment. The Chicken was hearty, flavorful, and had the right amount of seasonings.  This dish was so good, I talked about it for the next few days.  I’d like to personally give the Chef who made this dish a bottle of wine, because I’ve never had Chicken like this.  What also topped the dish off was the presentation.  Just look at it, isn’t it beautiful?


Overall, this restaurant is a go to immediately.  If you’re in a different state than book a flight.  If you’re in the same city, it’s a shame you haven’t gone yet.  Once you go, you’ll fall in love with everything just as I did.


2 comments on “Boka (Chicago, IL)”

  1. In front of the restaurant (1729 north halsted Chicago ) lot of rain water standing there no one can get in or out of the car the restaurant reputation is going bad because of that.


    1. That sucks because it’s a really good restaurant. I wonder if people feel the same way about Alinea (Which is top 10 in the country according to some websites) which is on the same block 😦


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