Jean-Georges (New York, NY)

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My favorite kind of cooking technique is French.  Not only do they use a shit load of butter, they’re meticulous about how their food is prepared.  From things like simmering to poaching to baking it’s all calculated so that each detail is constructed where you sigh after each bite.  One of my favorite places to eat is New Orleans because they have a lot of French cooking techniques, but it’s turned up a notch because it mostly deals with soul food.  I noticed that a lot of Michelin Star restaurants that I’ve been to are mostly French techniques and I have more understanding as to why.


Jean-Georges, which is located a few feet from Central Park, is looked at as a sophisticated French eatery that overlooks Central Park.  The interior of this restaurant is absolutely stunning.  High Ceilings, Open Kitchen, and Unique tables.  I decided to stop in this restaurant for lunch.  Although, I’m sure the dinner menu would be worth a go if you’re able to get reservations.


Two dishes were ordered during my visit. Charred Duck Breast and Steamed Black Sea Bass were the two options.  The Duck Breast sat on top of couscous, accompanied with slow roasted tomatoes, and sour cherry mole.  What stood out about this dish was the sour cherry mole. It was tangy and sour but worked well with the gamey flavor of the Duck.  The Couscous added the extra starch to balance out the dish and the tomato was there for the sweetness.  This dish was great, but the duck was a bit over-cooked.  Duck should be prepared medium rare or a medium temperature at the most, but my dish was prepared at almost a well done temperature.


The next dish that was ordered was the Steamed Black Sea Bass.  It was surrounded on sauteed spinach, grilled onions, and green olive dressing.  The fish was steamed perfectly and it was the flakiest piece of fish that your mouth would ever taste.  The Grilled Onions reminded me of the onion flavor that you’d get at a Chinese carry-out.  That may seem like a questionable way to compare the flavors but that’s exactly how it tasted.  The spinach was a bit watery, but I assume it was because of the olive dressing.  The star of the show was the Sea Bass.  It was sweet, flavorful, and delicate.  This was a nice portion size for a lunch menu.


Overall, this restaurant is a go-to.  If you decide to go to this place then check it out for lunch.  If you do go for dinner, let me know your thoughts.


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