DaDong (New York, NY)

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No, not the sound your doorbell makes when the kids play n…. well, the knock knock game at your door.  I’m referring to a famous Chinese restaurant located in New York.  I don’t seek out enough of Chinese restaurants when I dine, so I figured I’d try this one out.  Chinese culture is so fascinating and unique to me because of the things they eat and why.  A lot of the foods they eat, are because of reasons.  A lot of the food “we” eat is because it’s good.  For example those who live in China don’t care if you eat your dessert before your main dish, but if I tried to eat dessert before dinner I’d get looked at like I was playing hopscotch with the devil.  It’s an area that I’d like to get more acclimated with because I do find their culture very interesting.  Nevertheless, you came here for a review of food, so that’s what you will get.


DaDong, which is located off of Bryant Park, is an Upscale Chinese Restaurant. I was a little leery in going to a Chinese restaurant because there wouldn’t be anything that I ordered that wouldn’t differ from what I’ve had.  But, there is always a different kind of way of how the same food we eat are prepared.  The interior of this restaurant has gorgeous views.  A centered bar area to go along with city views if you’re able to get the right table.


During my visit I was able to indulge in a few dishes.  Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese Cabbage Two Ways, Lobster Saffron Rice, and Noodles with Black Truffle.  I’ll start off with Kung Pao Chicken.  A spicy dish that consisted of Peanuts, Chilies and Scallions.  This dish was packed with heat and flavor and had thick pieces of chicken.  The sauce was sweet but not sweet enough to cool off the heat from the spiciness of the dish and the temperature. The peanuts were salty and the scallions added a great onion flavor to the overall dish.  This dish was hearty, flavorful, and nothing short of spectacular.  The Chinese Cabbage on the other hand was cool and had an interesting texture.  The cabbage was topped with Roe and the salty flavor of the Roe went really well with the Mustard and Vinegar flavor of the Cabbage.  This dish was great, but I was hoping I’d get more bang for my buck.


The next two dishes were the Lobster Saffron Rice and Noodles with Black Truffle.  The Saffron Rice had a pretty interesting taste to it.  There was a vinegary, salty, and mushy flavor to it, but it wasn’t something that I enjoyed too much.  The Lobster was on the smaller side and for the price I thought I’d receive something more filling.  The Rice was a bit over-cooked as it didn’t have a bite to it, and the lobster was minuscule to say the least.  The Homemade Noodles with Black Truffle were fantastic.  It is offered with a side of Minced Short Ribs and Mushrooms that can be added to the dish at your discretion.  The Noodles were cold but were slightly cooked with the heat of the Short Ribs and Mushrooms.  The Truffles were fresh and had a pungent smell and taste to it.  This dish was good when the Short Ribs were added because it added a meaty flavor and texture that worked with the Truffles.


Overall, this restaurant is a go at your own discretion.  There are so many restaurants in New York I wouldn’t be surprised if you chose another.  If you do decide to go, let me know your thoughts.


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