Toulouse Petit (Seattle, WA)


Did ya miss me?  (Varnell Hill voice)  Before I go any further, if you had to google who Varnell Hill was, than we should seriously have a discuss between the friendship you and I have.  Sorry, I’ve been away for so long.  I had to take care of some personal things and there’s this silly thing in life called priorities.  It falls under a category called “shit you need to take care of”.  Now that I got your premeditated answer(s) to the questions you may have, let’s begin this review shall we?


My first time in Seattle, Washington and I had a blast.  It’s a beautiful city, with a vibrant scene, and awesome food.  While choosing the places I’d eat in Seattle, I was speaking with another foodie about restaurants in New Orleans.  New Orleans is one of my favorite places to eat because of the flavors and seasonings they use in their dishes.  Coincidentally, the restaurant that I chose to eat at for breakfast is New Orleans inspired with a Cajun-Creole twist to their dishes.  Toulouse Petit is located off of Queen Avenue in Seattle, and gives me a rustic New Orleans restaurant feel to it as you walk in.


During my visit I was able to order two dishes with one tasting exactly like someone from New Orleans made it.  The Creole Crawfish and Shrimp with Grits dish and the Duck Benedict were my two choices for this visit.  I’ll start off with the main event.  The Creole Crawfish, Shrimp, and Andouille Sausage dish sounded so amazing that I literally drooled when I was reading about it.  That drool was nothing compared to the waterfall that came out of my mouth when the dish was presented in front of me.  It was tear worthy!  The flavors of this dish were savory, spicy, and creamy.  I generally don’t like shrimp with it’s tail on because I think it’s “childish” for lack of better words, but at this moment it wouldn’t have changed my mind on how great I thought this dish was.  The Crawfish and Andouille Sausage gave this dish the kick it needed.  It also came with two eggs, which I ordered poached, so you can imagine the look on my face as I was eating it.


The Creole Crawfish and Shrimp with Grits were so good that I almost forgot I was in Seattle, until I ordered the Duck Benedict.  I would love to give you this grand introduction about the Duck Benedict, but sadly, it sucked.  The flavors of the hollandaise sauce were fantastic, and the poached egg was cooked perfectly, but the duck taste like spam.  Do you know what spam taste like?  Good. Don’t.  It’s disgusting.  Spam is the equivalent to filet mignon for puppies.  This is by no means any disrespect to the people that enjoy Spam, but come on!  It was literally created 15 years ago and was introduced in a can for goodness sake.  The waitress informed me this dish was really good, but she lied.  I’m more upset with myself that I didn’t explain to the waitress and/or chef that I didn’t like it, but instead I chose not to speak my mind.


Overall, this restaurant would have been a First Class Experience but because the Duck Benedict was so bad, I have to categorize this as Stuck on the Runway.  I’m sure other dishes that the restaurant has to offer are pretty good, but the Duck Benedict was so disappointing, I wouldn’t feed it to my worst enemy.  If you decide to go to this place, let me know what you think!  I would go back, but I’d stay clear away from the Spam.


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